About Us

next4biz was founded in 2006. Since then we have been developing software products for “Customer Focused Digital Transformation” of the companies and institutions. Our products have been used successfully in BPM (business process management), CSM (customer service management) and CRM (marketing and sales management) fields for years. We have more than 100,000 users in more than 200 customers operating in almost all sectors including finance, insurance, e-commerce, telecom, energy, retail, automotive, airlines, logistics, manufacturing, municipality.

Value Proposition

Customer Centric Digital Transformation

We provide innovative solutions for “Customer Centric Digital Transformation”:

  • Digital Marketing and Sales Management
  • Process-Based Customer Service
  • Business Process Management


  • Design Tools for IT Independency
  • AI Enabled Learning Engine
  • Digital Behaviour Analysis & Event Based Marketing
  • Omnichannel Customer Communication
  • Connectivity Tools for Corporate App Integrations


  • Reporting Tools for Analysis and Productivity
  • Customer Service Maturity Model
  • Road Map to Success Implementation Methodology
  • Compliance with Regulations


  • Are more customer-focused on every channel,
  • Transform business processes to digital,
  • Have customer-centric approach as a whole company,
  • Design, execute, control, measure and improve their processes,
  • Perform better conversion rates while saving costs,
  • Have better customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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