next4biz provides both:

> AI-Powered Omnichannel Communication
> Workflow-Driven Customer Service
Design a separate form for each issue category
You can categorize issues and design a different custom form for each issue category. You can design forms yourself, no need for technical assistance.
Design different scripts for different types of issues
Reduce agent training and turnover costs or collect all necessary data right from the start.
Design separate workflow & SLA for each issue category
You can design workflows, determine service levels, and escalation hierarchies to involve other units, partners, suppliers, all stakeholders in the resolution sequence.
Let learning engine decides
Just after agent types an explanation about the issue, next4biz determines its category and initiates the corresponding workflow.
Track issues in all responsible units
You can track an issue within all responsible units. As a manager, I can monitor the entire issue life cycle and see who is late, who is on time, and who is doing what on an issue. As a user, I can view all the steps involved before and after my own.
Design notification system
Notify customers about progress on their issue.
Inform users about a newly assigned task, a deadline, a delay, escalation, workflow step and so forth.
Self-service & knowledge base
Customers can submit or track their own issues.
Customers or employees can use the knowledge base to find answers for their questions.
Report and Analyze
You can report and analyze every aspect of your customer service. You can design your own reports or import next4biz’s data into your reporting solutions.
Less IT Dependency
With next4biz implementation, the delivery duration is much shorter and the implementation costs are far less than those in traditional cases.
Because in addition to traditional flexibility, with next4biz, business users can design or change workflows or forms by themselves without any need for technical assistance.
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