Knextep Customer support software provides a great convenience to the company in complex works and intense business life.

Flexiblity with Knextep Customer Support Software

Customer support software
Knextep Customer support software provides a great convenience to the company in complex works and intense business life. Knextep Customer support software allows businesses to efficiently manage their customer issues like complaints, requests or suggestions. Employees can easily administrate the application without writing codes or being familiar with information technologies (IT). It also contributes to the interaction between the customer and the company by omni-channel communication networks such as e-mail, telephone, video portals and social media.

Knextep Customer support software which can be optimized for different products or services gives you the ability of sustaining the workflow perfectly. You can effectively track and manage all of your customers’ e-mails as a notification, thanks to the Knextep powerful e-mail notification system.

Knextep Customer support software delivers a customizable self-service portal to assist your customers for problem reports, track notifications or search the knowledge base. In this way, your employees can organize their forms and workflows without getting support from the IT department. In addition, the easy-to-understand interface of the software makes it easier to access basic applications.

Perfect Computer-Telephone Integration with Customer Support Software

Enjoy customer satisfaction by integrating telephone systems with Knextep customer support software and delivering superior customer experience. Stay informed about every piece of information on your help desk via real-time management panel. Arrange a large number of service contracts and related support plans with the SLA management portal.

Knextep Online Customer Support Software Provides Instant Data Updates

And allows you to communicate with support center and exchange data for applications of your business. The next generation software offers mobile access to customer support software for agencies that want to control workflow through a smartphone or tablet. You can follow your business everywhere through mobile applications that work in tandem with iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS or Windows operating systems.

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