Digital Behavior Tracking

You may already know your customer’s gender, age, credit line, and last 10 purchases. These are traditional pieces of information that reflects the customer’s physical appearance and behavior.

However, humans are digital beings in this modern era, and therefore you need to be aware of their digital behaviors too.

You need to know if they’ve visited your webpages and which links they’ve clicked.

How did they react to your latest email campaign?

Has your email been read, and if yes, when?

Would you call the prospect if you knew that a minute ago he downloaded or viewed your proposal?

Do your customers read your campaign emails and click the links?

With next4biz you can get an instant notification and run a business rule when they read your proposal, visit your webpages or click any of your content.

Track Your Email Campaigns

  • Who read your emails, and who clicked on content?
  • What are the statistics regarding the “clicked” and “read” ratios?
  • Which days or hours do prospects typically read campaign emails?
  • How does the sector, job title or other segmentation affect the CTR?

In the case of B2B interactions, this allows you to get an idea of the company’s digital behaviors.

Track Your Website Campaigns

  • Who visited your webpages, and where are they coming from?
  • Who clicked which links on your webpages?
  • Who joined your campaign?

Know Your Prospects Much Better

  • Which pages has this person visited and when?
  • Which links on your website did this person click?
  • Which of your emails did this person read? Which links did he click?
  • Did she/he read your email, proposal, and contract? When?

How can I get started?

To learn more about the next4biz system and its features, contact us.


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