Digital Transformation with next4biz

B2B / B2C / B2B2C Marketing
Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketers aim to capture the attention of two different target profiles. While there are many similarities between these two types of marketing, driving prospects from each channel requires different communication approaches in every aspect.
Unified Customer Repository
With next4biz, you can collect customer data from different sources, check for consistency, and correctness , eliminate duplicates and integrate seamlessly with your applications. You can also apply multi-dimensional segmentation by using your customers’ information, tags and digital behaviors.
Dynamic Digital Segmentation
One of the essential facts for today’s marketers to know is how wrong it is to treat all customers in the customer database in the same way. In particular, one of the expectations for marketing automation is the ability to design communication campaigns in a way that makes the customer feel unique.
Digital Behavior Tracking
You may already know your customer’s gender, age, credit line, and last 10 purchases. These are traditional pieces of information that reflects the customer’s physical appearance and behavior.
Sales Automation
With the next4biz CRM module, you’ll be able to: design your sales cycle and run your sales funnel; record meeting notes, phone calls, and emails; send your proposals and contracts; and track all customer activity, including digital behavior.
Omnichannel Communication
Omnichannel Customer Communication is one of the “must-have” features of new contact center technology. This new concept allows your company to interact with your clients via all channels. On top of the standard methods (telephone, email, web), your customers may contact you via the new media channels such as self-service, social media, or chat.
Process Driven Customer Service
Do you have total visibility into your organization's end-to-end processes? Are every departments, employees and stakeholders are involved in related processes? Can you measure and improve your procesess? next4biz provides all your business process management needs with full transparency and visibility into your business.
AI and Learning Engines
Artificial intelligence is taking over call centers. Are you ready to transform your customer interactions and improve engagement with the AI and learning engine features of next4biz?
No-Code Design
With next4biz, you can design and modify processes yourself without waiting for IT support, which means you don’t need to design every single detail right away. Instead, you can continuously improve your processes. Therefore, you can implement immediately and have the results ready within a few weeks.
Self-Service and Knowledge Base
What if your customers could find answers on their own, and you could reduce your call center workload? next4biz’s self-service knowledge base management can do just that!
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