Integration Framework

Integrate with existing corporate applications

next4biz BPM has strong capabilities for integrating to your existing corporate applications. The Web Services Auto Discovery feature enables you to connect your existing web services to next4biz without coding.

Change the behavior of your applications with smart scripting

Smart scripting is another powerful tool for changing the behavior of the application. This type of scripting enables you to write scripts at runtime and add new functions without stopping the web application.

Restful API

next4biz BPM has a restful API for data transfer and management. API methods support a rich set of operations, including starting a process, getting information and listing ongoing process tasks.

Web Service Auto-Discovery

When you introduce web services to next4biz, it will automatically create service methods which you can then use in your process design at any point to get data from the services as well as transfer data to them. You can also manage all integrations through web-based configuration.

Smart Scripting

With the power of smart scripting, you are able to connect to data sources as well as web services at runtime.

  • Create custom emails, manipulate data, call a web service, call another application, etc.
  • Develop scripts with C# in Visual Studio Environment
  • Develop scripts using the next4biz BPM scripting library
  • Use scripts
    • before or after actions have occurred
    • at data load
    • at data update


Remote Event Management

next4biz Remote Event Management creates triggers in case of approvals, status changes, actions, etc., so you can easily handle these states and write custom integration codes to transfer process data to other systems online.

BPMN Import / Export

next4biz BPM supports BPMN. You may import or export your process design in BPMN format.

How can I get started?

To learn more about the next4biz system and its features, contact us.


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