With millions of mobile phones and thousands of applications, mobility is believed to be becoming an intrinsic part of what we do every day. Revenue stream innovations, brand loyalty, and productivity cost reduction are a big part of every companies’ DNA; we cannot ignore it. Every business needs a framework to successfully go after the implementation and deployment of a mobile solution, because all clients are becoming increasingly mobile, for any kind activity.

The challenge is now to find a solution which captures years of work and experience and provides an engine for growth. The target is maximizing the value of mobility while minimizing the complexity to manage it.

The users of mobility solutions have little tolerance for a service interruption, an error message, or slow performance. These pressing needs are driving new technology solutions and business models into the mix:

Mobile applications ready to use. The new generation of service providers are offering platform and applications that need just a simple configuration in order to start. Customization and adaptation to the specific market are now so quick that the business can start in minutes. next4biz is immediately available on the cloud and gives the opportunity to design your own workflow with very little effort.

Reusable competence centers and infrastructures. A mobility project and budget should not take weeks or months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Considering the necessity to reuse internal resources, organizations should search for pre-built solutions that are easy to merge with internal factors, cost effective and easy to integrate.

next4biz provides integration layers with the most used communication channels and applications, and it saves your past investments.

Flexibility and vision. Mobility services clients should be aware that these new technologies are changing so quickly that they are not worth huge investments. Every business is now facing new requirements and processes, but it is impossible to have a long term vision, so the perfect partner should be a provider which is flexible enough to manage requirements changing, balance innovation with costs. New contracts based on models that are pay-per-use are commonly used to match this demand of flexibility, innovation, direction changes and costs.


next4biz offers the possibility to be always in contact with your clients using email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but also enable your business to be geographically spread out and active 24/7. Companies using next4biz registered improving productivity in the field, due to the improved communications, increased productivity, streamline work process, and enhanced customer service and loyalty. Our concept of mobility aims to simplify field service processes, increasing reactivity, technicians’ preparations, make smarter decisions and, overall, serve more customers.


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