next4biz 2014: New Features Coming Soon!

We know how it is vital to be more flexible, how much your time is valuable and how much it is important to be fast in customer service. The faster you solve the problems, the happier your customers are. In its new upcoming version, next4biz presents innovative and outstanding features in customer service management. Lets have a look at our new cool features.

Convert Call Center Calls into Texts

Just think about for a while that the phone is ringing and the operator picks up the receiver. The customer communication goes on, in the same time next4biz converts the communication into text. In this way:

  • Your agent do not need to write down all the details.
  • It becomes easier to check and control calls with just searching words on the texts.
  • It becomes easier to track and classify calls without hearing one by one
  • It is possible to make emotional analysis of the customer
Dynamic WorkFlow

The core idea behind Dynamic Workflows is that you can create conditional transitions in workflow steps. Dynamic workflows make it easier to be more flexibile in different conditions. You can easily change the route of a workflows, bend the steps according to different conditions.
Imagine that you have a new customer complaint about a specific area. The complaint can be assigned to the responsible of the related area automatically on next4biz with dynamic workflows. You can track the solution process, escalations and performances on next4biz.
Another important development on workflow management is the new graphic display of the flows. You will be able to design customer service solution processes graphically.

Social Media Integrator

next4biz Social Media Integrator helps you to manage,track and improve customer service on social networks. Your customers won’t be left unanswered on social media. In the third version of Social Media Integrator, next4biz will announce more advanced features on customer service management through Facebook and Twitter.

  • Track your Facebook pages , Twitter accounts, tags on next4biz
  • Convert customer messages and comments on Facebook into tickets, assign them automatically to predefined customer service workflows and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Send direct messages to the related customer on Facebook and Twitter during the customer solution processes
Google Apps Integration

As a result of the widespread usage of Google Apps, next4biz will implement Google Apps in the upcoming version:

  • You will be able to login next4biz with your Google account via single sign on, no additional login information will be required.
  • With Google Maps integration, you will be able to add location info to the tickets.
  • It will be easier to manage and navigate field staff during customer service processes with the location information on Google Maps.
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