Knextep Version 6.6.4 New Features

You can design and change your customer service as you wish by using next4biz.

Therefore, your software remains always up-to-date. Moreover, next4biz is developing faster. With the version 6.6.4, we’ve brought most important types of new key features such as the batch issue assignment, working at different time zones, multiple corporate signatures, auto-assignment improvements and following up e-mails faster and more efficient together.

Batch Issue Assignment

You can put back multiple issues -you had worked on- into the issue pool from the Batch Operations menu.

Different Time Zones

Different working hours can be set for each department involved in the issue management. For the global organizations, time zones are chosen and service level measurement can be provided on a unit basis.

Multiple Corporate Signatures

You can identify different corporate signature for each email account that you communicate with your customers.

Auto-Assignment Improvements

While automatically distributing the issues, you can easily manage the users who must not have any assignments because of going on holiday or on sick leave.

Follow-Up Emails Faster & More Efficient

E-mail channel management, allows you to add bulk notes, determine bulk ‘spam’ email, and search faster with keywords when following the customer emails.

Notify about Issue Updates

You can notice that new information comes out by the auto-signs appearing on the sides of the page, when there is any interaction with a customer. Therefore, when your customers add notes to the subscribed issues or send an email, you can quickly notice and respond.

Display Issue Attachments With The Preview Feature

You can view the image files added to an issue by the preview feature without downloading them.

Follow Up the Customer Responses

You can add email or web responses to your follow-up list. When your customer responds, the response status will be automatically updated.

Stay Informed About Open Issues

When you close customer issues, you may see the notifications about the customer’s other issues that are still open. That’s why, you can inform the assigned groups about this situation and get actions for customer-specific requirements.

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