Next4biz Terms of Service

This agreement shall be binding the both parties mentioned here, “Customer” as your party and “Next4biz” as Next4biz INC . when the (“Terms of Service”) document is digitally signed by you as “Customer”. Your act of using the website (“Service”) developed by Next4biz INC . (“Next4biz”), it shall be deemed as an acceptance on your part regarding the service terms (“Terms of Service”) stated below.

A. Restrictions on Use

  • The service can only be used by persons who are authorized to utilize the service on their behalf or by persons authorized to utilize the service on behalf of their institution. The service cannot be used by robots or automatic bots or any such software.
  • The user must correctly and completely provide the information as to the user’s name, surname and email as well as the answers to other questions requested by the service during registration.
  • The user account must belong solely to one person and cannot be used by more than one person. The customer has no right to sublease the Service.
  • Protecting the confidentiality of the user information is your responsibility. The Service or Next4biz shall not be obliged to protect the user information or passwords.
  • The Service may not be used for illegal purposes.

B. General Conditions

  • “Terms of Service” can be subject to change by Next4biz when deemed appropriate and without any prior notification.
  • Any questions regarding the “Terms of Service” must be notified to the Next4biz Customer Satisfaction Service.
  • New updates, upgrades or modifications made to the Service shall also be subject to the “Terms of Service”
  • The Service must not be used in any manner (such as content) that is not in compliance with the law.
  • Failure to comply with the “Terms of Service”” may result in your use of the service to be terminated and your account to be closed.
  • Your use of the service is under your sole responsibility. The service is provided “as is” and “as is available.”
  • You shall not hack or modify the service.
  • You shall not present any other website, application or software in a manner that may make such appear related to or integrated with the Service.
  • You hereby accept that it is strictly forbidden to duplicate, copy, sell or exploit the use of or access to the Service or a part thereof without the express written permission of Next4biz.
  • We are not obliged to but reserve the right to delete any illegal, offensive, pornographic, obscene or adult content, content containing threats, insults or defamation or content that violates our Terms of Service or any party’s intellectual copyrights, and to terminate any related accounts as we might deem appropriate.
  • Any verbal, physical, written or other forms of abuse directed at Next4biz customers, employers, members or personnel (including abuse and punishment threats) shall result in the immediate termination of the concerning account.
  • You are hereby deemed to have understood that the operation and communication performed by the Service, including the content which belongs to you, can be transferred over certain networks and without a password, and that you shall comply with the technical requirements posed by connecting to such networks and services.

C. Technical Support

  • All support services ( are carried out from (“Next4biz Customer Satisfaction Center”). Calls are registered according to priority, and numbered, and forwarded to the solution process by type.
  • Customers may also wish to use the Next4biz Customer Satisfaction Center

D. Free Trial

  • The Terms of Service are also valid for Free Trial accounts.
  • A real or legal person cannot utilize more than one Free Trial account.
  • Free Trial account shall allow for only 5 technical support tickets

E. Payments and Monetary Returns

  • A credit card shall be required in order to perform the payments concerning the user accounts. Free accounts are not required for credit card information to be provided.
  • If you register an account and do not delete this account within 30 days, you shall be invoiced each month following the 30th day. If you cancel your account on the 30th day before the first invoice is prepared, no fee shall be requested.
  • The fee regarding the Service is invoiced monthly and shall not be returned. No fees or credits shall be returned for the months an open account was not utilized or for the remaining days of a month after the day, or which the number of users was decreased or the Service is cancelled. For the purpose of being fair to each and every member, there shall be no exceptions.
  • Fees expressed do not include any taxes, duties or tariffs that may be applied by the customs authorities, and you shall be obliged to pay any and all such taxes except for the taxes imposed by the Turkish government.
  • In case there is any increase concerning the number of the users utilizing your next4biz account, fees for the new users shall be automatically collected from your credit card in the following invoicing month and the amount of the concerning difference shall be thus invoiced.
  • Decreasing the number of users or termination of the Service may result in loss of content, features or your account’s capacity. Next4biz shall not be liable for such losses.

F. Modification of Service or Fees

  • Next4biz reserves the right to modify or temporarily or permanently discontinue the service (or any part thereof) without any prior notifications.
  • All Service fees shall contain but shall not be limited to the monthly account fee. The prices may be modified in 30 days after a notification has been performed by us regarding such a change. Such notifications can be performed anytime by means of publishing them on the next4biz website ( or from the Service itself.
  • Next4biz cannot be held accountable against you or any third parties regarding any changes or pricing modifications to the service or regarding the service being suspended for an indefinite period of time.

G. Copyright and Content Ownership

  • Any and all content published on the Service must be compliant with EU copyright laws.
  • We do not claim any ownership concerning the materials you present to the Service. Your profile, information and any and all uploaded materials shall continue to belong to you.
  • Next4biz does not create a preview of the content but has the right to (but not the obligation to) reject or remove any content presented over the Service and is deemed inappropriate by Next4biz.
  • The appearance and design of the Service is copyrighted by Next4biz INC . ©2006-2020. All rights reserved. You cannot copy, reproduce or reuse any parts of the HTML / CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Asp.Net or other design elements or concepts without the express written permission of Next4biz.

H. Cancellation and Termination

  • You shall be responsible to send a cancellation request to to cancel the Service. A request made by phone shall not be deemed as an appropriate manner to cancel your account.
  • All content shall be deleted from the Service upon cancellation. After your account has been cancelled, such information cannot be saved.
  • If you cancel the Service before the current month for which the concerning fee has already been paid, the cancellation shall be effective immediately and a new fee shall not be collected from your credit card at the beginning of the next month.
  • In case there is not available credit on your credit card for the recurring payments that you initially agreed and signed, you are responsible for paying the account balance to Next4biz; otherwise your next4biz account will be cancelled for the next cycle. For any unpaid balance in your account, EU laws and courts will be in charge.
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