Process Design & Execution

You should think of many aspects of a process before you start to design. What type of data will flow through the processes? Who will be responsible for each step and what are the necessary actions? Are there any machine-to-machine interactions?

Start with Data Design. In data design, you can decide what type of data to use in the forms. Decide on fields, field types, formats, and validations. You may also define fields that consume web services or call database queries as a source of data. Furthermore, you may configure accessibility and visibility.

With next4biz you can create workflows, steps, actions, authorizations and more. next4biz allows you to create and test workflows in the design environment. Then you can move your design to production without technical support intervention.


It is also possible to create service levels. Service levels may be set for each step of the workflow separately. next4biz also monitors your processes in real-time. Whenever a task is getting close to being overdue, the responsible users will be informed automatically. If the predefined time limits are exceeded, then the task is escalated to a manager.

In the process execution stage, it is always possible to control and monitor the process. You can define alerts and notifications as well as create reports and dashboards. You can also drill down on report items and see what is happening in the details of each flow.


next4biz monitors your processes in real-time and records every user action or change in the data. This allows you to track the lifecycle of an issue in a flow step by step. Furthermore, you can see when and why delays occurred and decide on the appropriate next action.

Process Templates

next4biz provides fully customizable templates for different business requirements. You can choose and publish a process template immediately or make changes to a template and publish a customized version of it. Alternatively, instead of using templates, you may prefer to design your own processes from scratch.

next4biz provides tools and techniques for creating value-added business processes in a timely and efficient manner.

Version Management

next4biz creates a version of your processes in the production and test environments and automatically backs up the previous versions of your process design as well. Thus, it is possible to convert the process design to previous versions whenever it’s required. It is also possible to version the designs in the test environment, which helps you to work freely on new versions of your design.

After you test and simulate the processes, you can start deployment safely. next4biz manages the whole deployment process automatically and informs you when it has completed the deployment.

Deployment Management

next4biz manages the design and production environment itself. Whenever you design a new process or make changes to existing processes, you can test them in the design environment and schedule the publishing to production. next4biz will publish the changes and inform you when it has finished the task. Then you can start to use the new design in production.

Test and Deploy Everything Yourself

You often have to execute many critical processes simultaneously, and the business changes fast. You must be able to align with the changes and modify or update your digital environment in a short amount of time. Otherwise, your digital processes may become obsolete, or even worse, you may lose out to your competitors.

next4biz BPM provides you with a powerful environment for designing, changing and testing of processes. You may simulate your updated design in minutes, and then whenever you’re ready you can release the new version of a process. next4biz BPM will manage the operation automatically. next4biz BPM also keeps all versions of processes in case you need to roll back to a previous version. The next4biz BPM system manages data consistency and provides a robust execution platform for your business processes.

BPMN Compatibility

next4biz BPM is compatible with the BPMN 2.0 defined by the Object Management Group. You can import process designs that comply with the BPMN as well as export process designs from next4biz in BPM notation. This feature is useful if you want to use external process design tools. This allows you to export your design from the designer tool and then import to next4biz BPM.

next4biz also has its own XML-based definition for the whole process design. By using XML exports, you’ll be able to move your design between separate environments.

How can I get started?

To learn more about the next4biz system and its features, contact us.



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