Rule Engine

Rule Engine enables you to define action rules based on data values, user actions and states of workflows.

It might be a change of a field value, calling a web service, applying a validation rule or just sending an email.

You can declare & manage all the rules in the administration.

Business rules may be simple or complex like multi-conditional decisions.  next4biz supports all types of business rules. For instance, you can easily create a simple rule for the approval of a financial process. Or you can design a complex rule by combining multiple conditions for loan approval, even you are able to integrate with expert systems and use decisions in the rule design to execute a business flow appropriately.

Scripting Framework

Change the behaviours & rules by yourself!

  • Create custom emails, Manipulate Data, Call a Web Service, Call another application, etc…
  • Develop scripts with C# in Visual Studio Express Environment.
  • Develop scripts by using next4biz scripting library.
  • Use scripts before or after actions occurred, at data load, at data update.

How can I get?

To learn more about the next4biz and the features, contact us.

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