Self Service and Knowledge Base

What if your customers could find answers on their own, and you could reduce call center workload? Self-service knowledge base management of next4biz can do that!

Today’s consumers adopt new technology quickly, and they have different expectations than previous generations. Consumers now have access to a wealth of information on the web. So your customers want the solution not as soon as possible, they want it now!

Keep up with the tech-savvy customers

Modern customer service should build the right connections between digital developments and tech-savvy customers. Not surprisingly, these customers are trying to avoid conversations and find their answers in autonomy. Instead of calling you first, they start by searching for an online solution over previous experiences and other available information. Companies are also interested to take this opportunity and provide software tools that can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of calls to the call center.

How to use Self-Service Knowledge Base feature of next4biz?

Building up your knowledge base through an easy to use next4biz interface is the best way for you to close the gap between customers’ questions and your answers. next4biz learning engine will reuse your experiences and knowledge base to provide them with the best advice. Thus, customers can self-solve their issues or agents can achieve higher first contact resolution.

Customer can search the knowledge base for a ready to use solutions.

Customer can search knowledge base for a ready to use solutions.

Learning Engine

With the self-service knowledge base management feature next4biz learns from users’ experiences and converts them into hints as knowledge base items. The system uses algorithms to analyze keywords and letters to understand what the issue was about. And then it relates the issue with your behaviors and decisions (the issue category you selected, the workflow you initiated etc). After these, the learning database becomes mature, it is ready to provide you the hints.

Embrace Self Service Motto: “If you want it done right, do it yourself”

  • Customer can search the knowledge base for a ready to use solutions.
  • Customers may submit a new issue (complaint, request, suggestion,  etc.)

  • Customers can track their existing issues.


What are the benefits of the Self-Service Knowledge Base inside next4biz?

The advanced feature of next4biz helps customers find their solutions quicker, but also empowers agents with the right information.

next4biz’s self-service knowledge base feature allows you to:

  • Support your customers find quickly the answers they need,
  • Lower your costs, increase your company’s online presence,
  • Save your and customers’ time by answering the same and similar questions quickly and efficiently by the help of next4biz AI.
  • Keep increasing customer satisfaction, generating leads and grow your business.


Knowledge Base for Customers, Partners and For Your Staff

  • A well-categorized knowledge base which is capable of storing and presenting texts, documents, presentations, videos, and links to help to resolve related issues.
  • Each knowledge base title can be associated with other knowledge base items.
  • Users may score knowledge base items for better feedback.
  • Users with necessary privileges can create knowledge base items or let next4biz turn your experiences to knowledge base items automatically.

How can I get?

To learn more about the next4biz and the features, contact us.

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