Support Services

Support Services

Hosting, maintenance and support services for the Products are provided by Next4biz. Within this scope,

1. Next4biz delivers all of its help services through the “Next4biz Help Desk”.

2. In the event that the Business cannot reach the Next4biz Help Desk due to a problem in its Internet connection, it can still notify a problem to Next4biz by phone or email. However, the necessary notification entry must be made into the Next4biz Help Desk as soon as possible. The notification will be followed up by this service.

3. You can find the conditions for use of Next4biz Help Desk in the “Help Desk Data Bank”.

4. The data bank and the educational videos as to how to use the service to get support are available free of charge to the users of the Business. The Business is granted free of charge the right to ask 20 questions annually to the Next4biz Help Desk to get support as to the use of the services.

5. Except for the attempts to correct any error in the Products, any work performed by Next4biz on the Products in order to improve their performance, expand their fields of use, add new features and functions to them or improve any existing features and functions is defined as updating and development. Next4biz can perform any updating and development work on the Products by its own initiation as well as at the request of the clients.

6. Any development requests from the clients are analyzed and evaluated by Next4biz within 15 days. As a result of such evaluation and planning, Next4biz may decide to make the requested development in a new version of the respective Product or update the respective Product for the benefit of all clients. In this case, the Business requesting the development will not be entitled to claim a right on the resulting development or to demand that the resulting development be special to it and be not visible to or usable by other clients.

7. Next4biz will exert reasonable effort to solve any problem arising from its own Products as soon as possible and inform the Business about the developments from time to time through the Next4biz Help Desk. The following table shows the actions and the timeframe for solution according to the types of problems.


Action and Timeframe for Solution Low Medium High
Timeframe for Action 8 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Timeframe for Solution Version Plan 8 hours 4 hours


Type of Notification Description
High Any error rendering the software and/or the system software inoperative. 
Medium Any error affecting the performance of the software to a degree that renders the software unusable or impairing the functionality of one of the core modules of the program. 
Low Any error which is not considered as a First Priority Error or Second Priority Error but which requires the support of Next4biz. 


8. Next4biz provides the maintenance and support services within the working hours (09:00-18:00) during the week days. For any high priority errors, 24/7 support will be provided.

9. In the measurement of the timeframe for actions and solutions, any delay caused by the data center or the Internet service providers will not be counted.

10. Any problems originated from the systems or infrastructure of the clients are not within the scope of our maintenance and support services. The support services provided by us will be charged additionally in accordance with the contract terms and conditions.

11. Any planned maintenance or updating works to be performed by the data center or Next4biz will be notified to the Business at latest 2 days before.

12. The support performance of Next4biz will be reported to the Business monthly.

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