Sustainable Customer Satisfaction Conference

next4biz was one of the sponsors of the 2.Call Center Summit at Istanbul and has brought a new concept of Customer Service which is dedicated to the phases that follows the customer acquisition. Even though the concept of customer service may have been previously focused just on the gaining of the customer, recently the reality showed that the real winners of the race have been not the firms that have merely won customers, but firms that have managed to keep them loyal. In an area that requires the most ideal combination of technology and process management, the latest trend has been the “sustainability” of the customer management.

From E-commerce to the Public sphere, Successes in Customer Services has been discussed in this forum

next4biz, provider of effective tools in the field of complaints management, was the moderator of a round table involving managers of the most specialized companies in the field of customer experience, and who represented the top brands in industries that span from the public sphere to the food industry, from e-trade to finance.
The panel took place at the Haliç Congress Center in Istanbul on the 30th of May and offered participants the opportunity to discover the secrets of projects with 100% proven success and to gain guidelines in successful customer management.
The discussions took place in the form of round table moderated by Gürkan Platin and hosted the following speakers:

  • Mehmet Akgün, Head of Group, Customer Interaction Center, INGBank
  • Salih Karabulut, Service and Customer Experience Director,
  • Erdem Zekeriya İskenderoğlu, Department Head of Information Technologies, Zeytinburnu Municipality of Istanbul

next4biz is a request and complaint platform utilized by more than one hundred institutions offering their services to hundreds of thousands of customers, with over 20,000 users.
All the participants agreed on the motto that customer satisfaction is vital to a sustainable profitability.

next4biz considers customer complaints as opportunities to improve products, services, and processes. Assigning work orders and service requests according to dynamic workflows and providing detailed reporting for performance analysis are some of the best features to achieve the best management of customers complaints.

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