Unified Customer Repository

Are your customer data spread out over your legacy applications, databases and the spreadsheets of your employees?

Do you have difficulties in consolidating customer data and eliminating duplicates and inconsistency?

Are you bored with traditional segmentation? Would you like to segment your customers according to both their digital behaviors and hair color?

Centralizing customer data and ensuring customer information is accurate, up-to-date and easily accessible will be vital in delivering consistent marketing strategies. By integrating customer, transaction and metadata; marketers can obtain actionable customer information allowing them to analyze customer behavior, improve their channel strategies and achieve better campaign ROI.

Collect customer data from different sources, check consistency, correctness and accuracy, eliminate duplicates and integrate seamlessly with your applications. Apply multi-dimensional segmentation by using customer’s information, tags and digital behaviors.

Collecting Data

  • Two-way Integration of customer information between next4biz and your applications.
  • Integration of forms in your websites to record visitors information.
  • Bulk import of customer information from spreadsheets and other formats.
  • Special data entry interfaces for in-house or outsource users.

Maintain Consistency and Correctness

  • You can define rules to check consistency and correctness while data entry, data integration and bulk data imports.
  • next4biz’s “learning engine” automatically reveals out missing information like mail format, mail address, gender, segment, classification of title and other structured information.
  • next4biz offers services to confirm the accuracy of email addresses.
  • You can set your rules to identify unique customer information. next4biz lists duplicate records based on the rules.
  • next4biz reports incorrect information such as obsolete current job information of your leads.
  • Suggests gender from the name.
  • Predicts email address.
  • Confirms email address.


  • Use easy to use tagging feature to segment customers instantly.
  • Set rules for automatic and bulk tagging (such as “last week web site visitors”, “new blog subscribers” etc).

Multidimensional Segmentation Based On:

  • Common attributes (such as gender, age, location, preferences, etc).
  • Digital behaviors (such as when and which emails are read or clicked, when and which pages are visited).


Enhance Customer Repository

  • Add new fields to customer repository
  • Customize interfaces
  • Use new attributes as segmentation and filtering

Customer Inventory Management

Do you know what your customer’s last purchase from you was? Which product has your customer bought the most? So how easily can you reach the amounts your customers pay for the products they bought? What about the basket size?

You can easily monitor the commercial relationship of your customer with your company in the customer carton with customized tables. With next4biz’s CRM module’s inventory creation feature, you can design inventory tables containing any kind of asset data for your customer while managing all interaction with your customer.

Customer satisfaction is the most important facet of any business, and inventory management is critical to those keeping customers happy in many ways. Obtaining and retaining their trust is a must if you want to keep them happy, and we all know that getting a current customer to buy again is much cheaper and easier than attempting to acquire new customers.

If your existing customers aren’t pleased with your service, they obviously won’t be buying again; that same word of mouth that can bolster your reputation and sales can just as quickly become detrimental if that customer becomes displeased. A right CRM with inventory system is essential to keeping your customers happy.


Integration Framework

Do you have to switch from screen to screen even to just enter new information?

It should not be a never-ending story to get “a single screen for all”.

Marketing and sales tools should be integrated with your own systems for effective collaboration and consistency.

Use the developer’s site or ask our professional services for two-way integration of data resource, iframes and web services. Embed next4biz codes into your web site and measure digital behaviors of prospects.

Web Service Integrations

  • Ready to use well-documented API layer for two-way integrations.
  • Built-in integrations with
    • Email systems,
    • ERP Systems,
    • CTI’s,
    • Workforce Management Systems,
    • Field Management Systems,
    • And many others.

iFrame Integration

  • Embed your iframes into Next4biz pages and configure parameters.
  • Embed Next4biz iframes into your systems and configure parameters.

Integration Methodology

  • Developer’s Site
    • Documentations of all API layers.
    • Integrations example codes.
    • Integration test platform.
  • Call our professional services for integration implementation consultancy.
  • Or call our professional services for turnkey integration implementations.

How can I get?

To learn more about the next4biz and the features, contact us.

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