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Training, Adaptation & Integration Activities

Thank you for choosing next4biz, the platform of choice for hundreds of companies and thousands of users.
Now that we have signed the contract, we can start working on adapting next4biz to your organization and integrating it with your other systems. First of all, we would like to let you know that we will be with you through the entire process.

Don’t worry – you’re in good hands.

As you know, next4biz offers three basic function sets:

  • CRM Marketing and Sales Management
  • CSM Customer Service Management
  • BPM Business Process Management

We conduct separate training programs for each of these three modules.

Now for a brief summary of what’s next:

STEP 1: Design and Adaptation Training

The purpose of the design and adaptation training is to share the features of the relevant next4biz module in detail and to explain the functionality of these features. This will help you establish a common language with our teams and discover how you can adapt next4biz. Successfully completing this training program is a crucial step in tailoring next4biz to your needs.

Target Audience
The target audience of the training is the users who will be responsible for designing and configuring next4biz according to the needs of your organization. Since design and adaptation training is not an end-user training, users receiving this training should be involved in the adaptation and design process. Upon request, we can also offer a custom end-user training program for your organization following the completion of the adaptation process.
If you are sourcing call center services or providing customer service via a different company, the next4biz CSM design and adaptation training should be given to the responsibles of your organization not the outsource company. (i.e., the original owners of the product).

That being said, it is not mandatory for technical personnel to participate in the next4biz CRM and next4biz CSM training programs. In fact, the process will be much more effective with the participation of company officials from the relevant business units who are aware of your CRM and CSM needs and will be making the initial adaptations with us. Adaptations will be made in coordination with the relevant business units; therefore, not everyone needs to participate in the training.

To achieve the best possible outcome, the next4biz BPM training should be attended by company officials who think analytically when it comes to understanding and expressing processes and are willing to work together with the next4biz teams on process design. Some of our customers have departments that are responsible for process design and adaptation, some select officials who have the qualities we have specified, and some bring in participants from the IT department.

Officials receiving the design and adaptation training should be those who understand the CRM & BPM requirements and can transfer them onto the product. After the training and initial adaptations, they will be able to fulfill requests and make necessary changes in the future without our assistance.

Another key point is that multiple people should receive the design and adaptation training to ensure service continuity. This will enable other trained officials to step in for cases of leave, change of duty, etc.

It is also critical to ensure full participation in the training. Those receiving the training should dedicate their complete attention to it, and maintain that level of concentration for the initial adaptation and design activities after the training. The training will enable you to manage process design costs with your own resources, and your agility will improve, as next4biz will adapt to changing conditions much faster. Please give due consideration to participation in training and the subsequent design and adaptation activities.

Training Application 
In design and adaptation training, the participants will learn which requirements next4biz will meet and how, with the support of various examples. The training programs are not specific to your organization, but are classroom trainings with broad participation that are conducted once or twice a month. Each training program is offered to 15 participants maximum. Our trainings are provided by an expert training agency.

STEP 2: Adaptation and Integration
Once the training programs are completed, next4biz will assign you a project team. At the kickoff meeting, led by our project manager, the team will be instructed on how we will adapt the product and the steps we will follow for adaptation and integration. We will work together with the company officials in charge of design and adaptation. Our biggest expectation at this stage is efficient coordination between design and adaptation officials and the relevant business units.

Road Map to Success
next4biz is the platform of choice for hundreds of companies and thousands of users. Our teams constantly learn from their experiences and transfer their knowledge to adaptation processes based on a special methodology. This methodology, which we call the Road Map to Success, is a systematic, mature, and institutionalized approach that incorporates best practices and has been repeatedly tested and corroborated.

At the kickoff meeting, we will also present our template project plan, which will ensure the implementation of this methodology. With analysis meetings, the scope and plan of the activities will be clarified and customized for your organization.

Project Management
The project will be handled iteratively in two or more sequential processes. At the end of the first phase, the process for going live is planned with basic configurations. In the second and subsequent phases, integrations and company-specific reporting activities are completed. In analysis meetings, we determine integration requirements and decide on integration methods.

Activities proceed simultaneously via two basic processes: realization of designs and development of integrations. Adaptation activities consist of adapting the product to your requirements and designing business rules, forms, workflows, and other aspects. Integration activities may vary according to the preferred configuration.

If you will also use the marketing and sales module, next4biz will need to store all customer-related data. In this case, your data will be uploaded to next4biz via our web services. If you will only use the customer service module, next4biz will only query the customer information by sourcing communicated customer data from your corporate systems.

Integration activities may include web services, parametric iframes, batch uploads, or a combination of all these methods. Integrations can be categorized as follows:

Customer and customer information integrations (integration with ERP, e-commerce, and other systems)
Integration of communication channels such as call center, self-service, chat/chatbot, social media, email, SMS, and complaint sites
Single sign-on (SSO) integrations for users (if required)
Iframe integrations (prompt your existing web applications from next4biz)
Field service management or integrations with other CRMs
Other integrations
In some cases, integrations can be bilateral.

Integration activities are carried out with an iterative and agile approach. Adaptations can be made all at once, or the integration process can be planned in phases according to the scope. This enables your IT team to follow the plan and allows you to go live much quicker.

We would like to emphasize that we have done this with hundreds of organizations so far. That is why we have a very clear action plan. Our biggest expectation from you is a healthy level of participation and strict adherence to the relevant plan. Our team of experts is ready to assist you. Our goal is to write success stories similar to the ones you can find here, and to share these success stories with the whole world through our webinars.

Beyond Adaptation
You can now start using next4biz end-to-end in your organization and expand it according to your needs. Additionally, thanks to your newly trained and certified design and adaptation officials, you can perform all kinds of updates, adaptations, and changes yourself without wasting time or requiring additional budget. That being said, remember that our help desk is still just one call away!

The final stage is to quickly certify that you are providing services in compliance with international standards by initiating the ISO 10002 certification process for your improved customer services.

Thank you for choosing next4biz!

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