You don’t need to spend a fortune for a software.

We run software as a critical part of our works, for the automation of working operations. You have to care for, regularly update and help them evolve, so that they keep up with the changing needs. But how? Given the rapid changes of today, it is hard to manage software systems and stay up-to-date without higher costs. On-premise assets have expensive adoption and availability costs that consume more resources.

SaaS or in other words “Software as a Service” is an innovative technology that has a dynamic structure. It is easy to manage, has low operating and initial costs, and high availability. That’s why, it is growing everyday as more companies prefer SaaS applications. SaaS depends on renting the application, rather than purchasing it.  Here are the major advantages:

“Any” Adoption

There is no need to install any software. You can reach SaaS applications anywhere, anytime from any device as long as you have Internet connection. SaaS applications have higher availability than on premise assets.

No Initial Costs

There are no initial costs as you don’t purchase the application. “Pay as you go” is the first principle, and you can cancel the subscription at any time. You don’t need to spend on hardware, servers, databases nor allocate labor resources needed to manage the systems.

Lower Maintanance/Regular costs

Using a SaaS application means lower maintenance and regular costs. As well as software maintenance, you don’t need to spend on hardware maintenance, database backup and problem management. Storage, bandwidth and all other components which are necessary for the availability of the platform are the responsibility of the service provider; you don’t need to spend extra on any of them.

Easy upgrades

It is easy and fast to make use of the upgrades. There is no need to install version upgrades. The service provider has to develop desirable new functions to meet the changing needs.

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