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5 Ways Your Customers Benefit from an Omnichannel Experience

With all the platforms for communication that customer service departments utilize in this hyper-technological era, one has to question the necessity and practicality of effectively using them all, as certain customers will inherently flock to a preferred method, whether it is texting or chatting. In this increasingly fast-paced world, having an Omnichannel reduces both the time and effort spent making daily decisions which can, at times, become mundane.

When you adopt next4biz CSM’s Omnichannel platform, in addition to acting as an instrument for customer communication, it will no doubt increase customer satisfaction in terms of service received from the company as well as enhance their overall experience. There are so many great reasons to choose this platform, but below you can find some of the many points that next4biz CSM’s Omnichannel platform excels in.

Channel optimization for all users

Customers naturally feel more comfortable using specific channels based on their personal needs and preferences. One customer may prefer social media, while another may favor messaging; on the other hand, those who are busy and often only find the time to contact customer service on-the-go may find calling to be the easiest option.

Next4biz CSM’s Omnichannel platform stores a specific customer’s preferred method of contact in order to optimize their channel once identified. Using next4biz CSM’s platform will help you with the crucial task of following up with customers on their chosen channel. The platform will even suggest that your brand go further by offering periodic surveys and marketing offers through the chosen interface. While it’s easy to presume these gestures go unnoticed, customers always appreciate the personalization of communication in all forms.

Efficient use of time


One of the largest complaints customers have when contacting customer service is waiting excruciating amounts of time only to be consistently redirected to platforms better suited for the customer’s query, with over 30% of inbound activity pertaining to follow-up calls. Using next4biz CSM’s Omnichannel system ensures all data is logged into a channel and allows a team member to swiftly and easily respond to any queries that a customer may have – whether it be via social media or simply on the phone.

Individual client prioritization

After an initial call, Omnichannel’s prioritization of the client’s needs involves the agent calling the customer back should they need to be redirected. In addition, the agent offers their name and extension number in case the call is disconnected, preventing the customer from having to undergo the entire process repeatedly. next4biz CSM’s Omnichannel experience will also aid this process by ensuring the individual’s customer history with the company is available as well as any ongoing issues he or she may have. This augments the effect of personalized customer service through allowing information to be exchanged mutually between company and customer.

Availability at your convenience

In the event that your brand is unable to provide service 24 hours a day, it is advantageous to employ next4biz CSM’s Omnichannel strategy. It is vital to specify the hours of service and the various ways by which a customer can contact you should they need to do so. If constant availability is not feasible, the customer should at least always be informed of when the earliest opportunity to contact you will be.

Seamless communication experience

Shopping digitally and shopping in-store have become so interwoven in the modern age that it is important to encourage a lack of disruption between the two. A customer may order a product and pick it up in-store, or conversely, another may visit a store to learn more about products they will later buy online. In any case, seamless communication is integral to maintaining the flow of the consumer experience, given that the line between the digital and in-store consumer experience grows increasingly blurred. It is essential for successful brands to reflect this change. Accordingly, incorporating next4biz CSM’s Omnichannel platform into your company’s customer service system is exponentially beneficial.

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