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GDPR, CCPA, KVKK Compliant, IYS Compatible CRM & BPM

Align your data storage policies with the privacy regulations in your region.

GDPR, CCPA, KVKK Compliant, IYS Compatible CRM & BPM

Data centers in the EU, US and Turkey!

Completely aligned with GDPR, CCPA and KVKK regulations.

Next4biz CRM & BPM is aligned with the regulations in your region

Personal data is stored and processed in the privacy region of your country.

Compliance with opt-in & opt-out policy in Turkey (İYS)

Regulation of Electronic Commerce in Turkey states that service providers must obtain approval to send commercial messages to recipients.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certified

The next4biz data centers have been awarded the ISO 27001 certificate.

“Recognized security standards.”

BS 10012 Personal Information Management Certified

Personal data security at international standards.

ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System Certified

Next4biz keeps private customer and stakeholder information safe.

Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield Certificates

We’ve been compliant with personal data regulations for over a decade.

Keeping personal information safe since 2010.

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