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Customer Service Management

  • Omnichannel communication
  • AI powered complaint categorization
  • User interface and agent script design for categories
  • End-to-end complaint management with workflows
  • Knowledge base and self service
  • No-code architecture, extensive reports
  • Integration capabilities
  • GDPR, CCPA, KVKK compliance

Omnichannel Communication

Single-screen customer service

Call center, social media, email, live chat, chatbot, complaint sites, web forms, and more are all integrated into one place.

“Recognize customers in every channel, and manage all communication on a single screen.”

Workflows & Escalations

Categorize tickets and create custom forms and workflows for each category,
Create category-specific ticket records in communication channels,
Direct issues to the relevant workflows based on their categories.

“Track issues end-to-end across all units, suppliers, and partners with workflows.”

AI-Powered Customer Support

Deep learning AI,

  • Analyzes,
  • Categorizes and resolves customer issues,
  • Or redirects them to the relevant workflows.

  • “Employ artificial intelligence to provide more efficient after-sales services.”

    Agent Scripts

    Enable agents to,

    Ask the right questions in the right order,
    Obtain complete information,
    Give the right answers,
    Provide options.
    And even use this collected data in the ticket resolution.

    “Increase consistency and FCR in customer communication with agent scripts.”

    Customer Self-Service

    Enable customers to submit & track their own issues with a self-service interface, which can be embedded into your website, online transactions, internet banking, and customer portal. Automatically notify your customers about the status of their complaints via SMS, email, and mobile notifications.

    “Reduce contact and call center workload.”

    Reports and Analysis

    Record and track all the necessary metrics needed in customer service such as,

    • FCR
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Surveys and analyzes
    • Delay and escalation reports
    • Communication channel performance
    • The performance of all stakeholders, including units, departments, personnel, suppliers and shipping companies.

    “Create your own reports or integrate them with corporate reporting systems.”

    Flexibility with No-Code Architecture

    Design your customer service process without any technical support; Forms, workflows, business rules, service levels & delay management rules, self-service, and many other configurations.

    “Adapt quickly and easily to changing customer demands.”

    Single-Screen Customer Service

    Ensure two-way integration with ERP, call center operator, e-commerce, internet banking, corporate applications, authorization, email and SMS systems, mobile applications, other CRMs, and more. Meet “single-screen” customer service management and avoid switching between applications.

    “Access integrated data anywhere, anytime!”

    What You Need to Know About Customer Service Management

    Customer service management is the sum of the strategies used to manage the communication and interaction of organizations with their current customers and target audiences. In a general sense, customer service management enables organizations to quickly follow up on customer issues, standardize their customer service processes, strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales and profitability. Customers are the fundamental asset of organizations. If your existing customers are satisfied with the product or service they receive, it increases the possibility of gaining new customers. In fact, a high level of customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for a sustainable customer journey. The most important element in the success of enterprises from all sectors and of all sizes is creating a culture focused on maintaining customer satisfaction and managing the customer experience so as to make this state sustainable.

    Effective customer experience management is based on establishing solution-oriented communication and interaction at every step of the customer journey. This is critical to provide a consistent and constructive experience infrastructure, beginning with the first contact with the customer. You can plan every step of the process by designing holistic workflows with the artificial-intelligence-supported Next4biz Customer Experience Management platform and ensure a flawless customer experience at every touchpoint.

    The most important development in customer service management in recent years has been the management of customer issues using business processes that have been defined according to their categories. Thanks to Next4biz CSM’s categorical process design, issues that cannot be solved on the first level are managed “end to end” with workflows. In this way, the solution is standardized and made transparent while a permanent solution is being created. The performance of all work groups in the solution process can be followed-up step by step and reported.

    In today’s world, where all kinds of interactions are increasingly being digitalized, customer service management is frequently provided primarily through digital channels. Rather than seeking service face to face or over the phone, modern-day customers prefer to solve their problems via digital channels on their own. Next4biz’s Self-Service feature is a customizable extension that can be added as an iframe to the organization’s website. With this Self-Service tool, customers can post their issues or requests, follow up step by step, communicate with customer representatives, and find answers to all kinds of questions rather than needing to reach out to a call center.

    In the area of customer service management, unnecessary and redundant calls are generally a frequent problem. Customers make these calls to follow up on a current issue, speed up the solution process or ask simple questions about products and services. Next4biz makes it easier for organizations to achieve a high first contact resolution (FCR) rate thanks to its automatic notification messages, self-service customer portal and process-based structure. In addition, digital agents, supported by an artificial intelligence module, increase the speed of issue resolution beyond the limited capabilities of humans.

    Agent scripting is an issue input structure that directs customer representatives step by step in a categorical sense. Answers to the customer’s questions, questions to ask the customer, and information required from the customer is provided on the customer representative’s screen in the appropriate order, depending on the customer’s answers. Thus, you get the chance to direct customer dialogues in a standardized and centralized manner. By using this tool, you will be able to shorten the orientation process of customer representatives and develop a continuously updated product and service knowledge base while standardizing communication and provision of solutions.

    Next4biz is an end-to-end holistic platform that allows all employees, and the stakeholders that support them (outsourced call center, cargo and courier companies, technical services, dealers and agencies, etc.) to be users and enables you to manage all customer service management activities in one place. It also has the flexibility to be easily integrated with ERP, CRM and all other corporate applications and systems. In this sense, it presents the possibility of holistically managing all customer service processes for any organization, from any sector and of any size, by consolidating them on a single screen. It also allows you to access integrated data from anywhere and monitor it on a single screen. Thanks to its no code architecture, workflows and forms that are designed according to the needs of the business can be changed easily with the drag and drop method.

    While multichannel means listening to customers from many channels, omnichannel involves integrating all channels and managing them as a whole. The most important difference between omnichannel and multichannel communication approaches is whether or not you’re able to monitor the interactions in all channels simultaneously. Thanks to the omnichannel approach,your customer representatives will know what your customers have written about your brand on social media and the emails they have sent to your organization.

    The artificial intelligence module developed by machine learning technology “listens” to customer issues and categorizes them automatically. If the solution to the issue is available in the knowledge base, it provides the solution to the customer, then solves and closes the issue without human intervention. This improves operational efficiency, reduces issue resolution costs and increases FCR, thereby raising customer satisfaction levels.

    All functions of Next4biz are managed on a specially designed configuration interface. All settings and customizations are made over this interface, which is used as the management panel. Functions such as creating customer interfaces, developing data fields, creating workflows, defining work rules, etc. can be accomplished without using code. In Next4biz CSM, coding is only needed for integrations.

    Next4biz’s ready-made dashboards, operational process analysis and follow-up reports are prepared to meet all sectors’ standard reporting needs. These reports can be detailed and customized step by step from the highest strategic point to the most minuscule detail. You can perform descriptive analyses such as root cause analyses, difference analyses, relational analyses, etc. with a filtering interface that allows access to all data fields in addition to ready-made reports used in analyses.

    Next4biz offers organizations many new reporting features that are rapidly becoming indispensable. Thanks to these reports, all operational processes function more efficiently. The detailed reports help you to monitor and develop your processes in areas such as issue handling performance,monitoring resolution times, etc. After creating instant and periodic process analysis reports with Next4biz, you can download all reports to your computer in Excel format. If you use a specific reporting tool, this tool can be integrated into Next4biz.

    When a customer issue is unable to be resolved, assigning that issue to a supervisor is called escalation. The issue is assigned to a category that is defined with processes connected to the service level agreement (SLA) defined for a step in the workflow. Next4biz ensures that there are no delays before or after the escalation by informing the users or user groups assigned to the issue via automatic messages. Thanks to the customizable escalation hierarchies, it is possible to assign a different escalation supervisor to each workflow according to the issue topic, moving up the hierarchy step by step from bottom to top. The escalation system ensures that issues are resolved without delay in accordance with the service level agreements (SLA) by having all users adopt a more sensitive, timely approach to all customer issues.

    Even the biggest and most successful organizations get complaints from their customers; however, that’s not an indicator of failure. It is even possible to extend the customer life cycle with effective customer complaint management. Customer complaint management requires monitoring customer complaints from different channels and creating solutions for these complaints. Customer complaint management also helps in defining the areas that require improvement and developing better products or services.

    Many organizations want to stake their claim on popular marketplace platforms to be able to present their products to a larger audience. Thanks to marketplace application integration with Next4biz, companies of all scales can create solutions by automatically turning customer requests and complaints from these platforms into issues in Next4biz and managing them. This ensures that you do not have to log in to each marketplace application one by one and follow up on customer requests separately.

    Next4biz alone is all you need to manage customer issues from all platforms!

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