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Customer Service Management

  • Omnichannel communication
  • AI powered complaint categorization
  • User interface and agent script design for categories
  • End-to-end complaint management with workflows
  • Knowledge base and self service
  • No-code architecture, extensive reports
  • Integration capabilities
  • GDPR, CCPA, KVKK compliance

Omnichannel Communication

Single-screen customer service

Call center, social media, email, live chat, chatbot, complaint sites, web forms and more all integrated in one place

“Recognize customers in every channel, and manage all communication on a single screen”

End-to-End Customer Service

Categorize issues, and create custom forms and
workflows for each category.
Create category-specific issue records in communication channels.

“Issues can be directed to the relevant workflows based on their categories.”

Customer Service with Artificial Intelligence

Deep-learning-based artificial intelligence analyzes, categorizes and resolves issues…
Or redirects them to the relevant workflow.

“Employing artificial intelligence to provide more efficient after-sales services”

Agent Scripts

Enable agents to: Ask the right questions in the right order. Obtain complete information, Give the right answers,
Provide options.

“Drag and drop to design agent scripts.”

Customer Self-Service

Design your Self-Service page and use it for your website, online transactions, e-commerce website, customer portal and internet banking. This ensures that your customers will:

“Receive answers to their questions in the FAQ section, submit their complaints and follow the complaint status.”

Flexible Customer Service

Design your customer service process without any technical support:

Data fields - Form - Workflow - Business rules
Service level - Delay management - Self-service

“Less IT Dependency [No Code, No Cry]”

Reports and Analysis in Customer Service

End-to-end customer service management software Next4biz records and tracks all transactions.

  • FCR
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Surveys and analyzes
  • Delay and escalation reports
  • Communication channel performance
  • The performance of all stakeholders, including units, departments, personnel, suppliers and cargo companies.

“Design your own reports and create e-tables.”

Enter the Single-Screen Era in Customer Service with Next4biz Integrations

Ensure the bilateral integration of Next4biz with ERP and other corporate applications.

Meet “single-screen” customer service management and avoid juggling multiple applications. is always there for you.

“Next4biz: Software that integrates with all integrable systems.”
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