Customer Service Management

Omnichannel Customer Communication is one of the “must-have” features of new contact center technology. This new concept allows your company to interact with your clients via all channels. On top of the standard methods (telephone, email, web), your customers may contact you via the new media channels such as self-service, social media, or chat.
Do you have total visibility into your organization's end-to-end processes? Are every departments, employees and stakeholders are involved in related processes? Can you measure and improve your procesess? next4biz provides all your business process management needs with full transparency and visibility into your business.
Artificial intelligence is taking over call centers. Are you ready to transform your customer interactions and improve engagement with the AI and learning engine features of next4biz?
With next4biz, you can design and modify processes yourself without waiting for IT support, which means you don’t need to design every single detail right away. Instead, you can continuously improve your processes. Therefore, you can implement immediately and have the results ready within a few weeks.
What if your customers could find answers on their own, and you could reduce your call center workload? next4biz’s self-service knowledge base management can do just that!
Customer Service Management

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