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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

The use of the websites and that have been developed by Next4biz is subject to the following terms and conditions:

General Conditions of Use

  • The features of next4biz are explained on the websites
  • The Service shall be used by the Customer or any persons authorized by the Customer or otherwise to use it on behalf of the Customer (the “User”). The Service may not be used by robots, automated boots or computer programs.
  • During the registration of the user, the name and family name, email address, and other information of the user asked by the Service must be entered accurately and fully.
  • The User is only one person and it may not be used by more than one person. The Customer shall not allow any persons who have not been registered as a user to use the Service. To protect the privacy of the user’s information is the responsibility of both the User and the Customer.
  • The User may not use the Service in a manner to violate the Laws and the rights of other persons.
  • The User accepts the Privacy Policy of Next4biz INC and is obliged to observe the rules of Privacy when using the Service.
  • Next4biz INC can make changes to these Terms and Conditions of Use when necessary at any time without notice. The latest Terms and Conditions of Use shall be published on the website.
  • You can send your questions about the Terms and Conditions of Use by email to Next4biz Customer Satisfaction Center ([email protected]).
  • If you do not comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use, Next4biz INC may terminate the use of the Service and close the account.
  • The Service is provided on “as is” and “as long as available” basis.
  • Any kind of cyberattack or related activities, even in trial mode is forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to hack and make any modification to the Service.
  • It is forbidden to assert that any other website, application or software is associated or integrated with the Service.
  • It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, sell or misuse the Service or any part thereof, including the access to it, without the prior written consent of Next4biz INC.
  • The Customer agrees that all the communications, operations and contents handled by it via the Service can be shared and transferredbetween various networks with ssl communication and that it shall comply with the necessary technical requirements to connect with such networks and services.

Technical Support

  • Next4biz Customer Satisfaction Center provides all support services.
  • You can send your requests for technical support by email to Next4biz Customer Satisfaction Center ([email protected]).
  • Requests are numbered, recorded and directed to the respective solution process according to their order of priority.
  • 5 technical support tickets are provided for the free trial account.
  • One Natural or legal person may have only one Free Trial Account.

Intellectual Property Rights on the Content

  • Any content published by the User on the Service must not infringe the copyright and any other rights of third parties.
  • Next4biz INC respects the intellectual property rights on any material submitted by the User to the Service. All rights on the User’s profile and information and all materials uploaded by the Customer to the Service belong to the Customer.
  • All intellectual and industrial rights on, Next4biz pages, Next4biz designs, Next4biz database structure, and all documents coming with Next4biz; on all training documents and videos accessible via the Internet; on all printed or electronic information and documents related to Next4biz; on all formula, models, compilations, software, programs, equipment, methods, techniques, processes, data, process descriptions, and technical know-how related to Next4biz; and on all software products are copyrighted by Next4biz INC and reserved. . Any content of such software, information and documents may not be disclosed to any third persons, reproduced and copied without the prior written consent of Next4biz INC. Next4biz INC grants the License for Use to the Customer for the use of the Service only by the Customer in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Users of the Service must be the employees of the Customer and any other persons who take part in the delivery of any services and products by the Customer. The Customer shall not permit any person who is not a member of a group company of the Customer or who is not involved in the delivery of any service or product by the Customer to use Next4biz and shall not use Next4biz in the delivery of any service or product by any unauthorized person or company.
  • The Customer agrees, declares and undertakes that upon the termination of the contract, it shall immediately cease to use the Service and immediately destroy or return to Next4biz INC all digital or printed materials provided to it by Next4biz INC or downloaded from the website by the User.
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