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You Can’t Manage What You’re Not Measuring!

Create detailed reports on customer service, sales & marketing and business process management with the next4biz CRM and BPM systems, allowing you to manage your processes more effectively.

Measure Everything End-to-End

You can’t create a report if you do not retain the relevant data. Thanks to the end-to-end digitalization provided by next4biz CRM and BPM, data on the various events taking place on the system are always ready for you to use in your reports.

Measure the Performance of All Stakeholders

What kinds of issues are being delayed? Why and where? Which ones continue to be delayed despite the correctional measures you put in place? What seasonal or regional differences can you observe? With next4biz you can measure all of this and more, including the performance of units, departments, suppliers, business partners, and shipping companies.

Prepare Customer-Centric Reports

Go digital with next4biz CRM. Monitor performance at all levels. Analyze the target audience, content and campaigns, the marketing tools with the highest conversion rates, digital behaviors, customer satisfaction, communication-channel-based service performance, root causes of delayed tasks, and much more with KPI analyses.

Measure Your Processes and Seize Improvement Opportunities

Improve your efficiency with next4biz BPM. Categorize and report problems by process, and determine the root causes of delays. Measure the performance of each person, unit, supplier, and stakeholder, and create control panels to help you find areas to improve.

Create Your Own Reports

Create your reports on next4biz, or integrate next4biz with your existing corporate reporting system.

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