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Business Process Management

  • Workflow, form and business rule design with drag and drop function
  • Design, test, and use in one platform
  • Dev tools to add new features
  • Digitalized, integrated process inventory
  • Report, analysis and dashboard tools
  • Compliance with regulations and standards

Low-Code BPM

Design of all process components such as;

Design workflows,
Data fields,
Business rules,
Service levels,
Roles, and authorizations,
by simply dragging and dropping. Reduce your IT dependency.

"No Code No Cry!"

Reports & Analyses

Monitor and measure the performance of your automated processes in real time with advanced reporting capabilities.

Measure performances,
Track workflow progress, and service levels
Manage delays with escalations.

“Gain valuable insights and improve process efficiency."

Design, Test & Use: All in One

Design all process elements as well as workflows, and let Next4biz BPM turn them into an application. Get started right away and make changes as necessary. An all-in-one platform.

“Keep the “AS-IS” = “TO-BE”

Roles, Authorizations, Dispatch Rules & Task Lists

Customize role, authorization, and dispatch definitions, and configure them according to your business rules. Integrate them with your LDAP and HR applications. Define your suppliers, business partners, dealers, service providers, shipping companies, or other stakeholders as user groups.

“Enable collaboration and holistic automation of your processes.”

Build Your Own New Features

With “smart rules” design editors define your own business rules to be applied in the processes. By using the “easy scripting” framework and built-in library, develop your own code and add new functionality to integrate the processes into other systems.

"Enhance the given functionality."


Integrate Next4biz BPM with your other corporate systems to make them a part of your process management. This allows you to take action on other systems, exchange data or take actions within BPM triggered by other systems.

“Integrated end-to-end process management."

Road Map 2 Success Methodology

Let us accelerate your process automation with our reusable process elements, methodology, and experienced teams who have designed hundreds of processes in every industry.

“Take advantage of ready-to-go project plans and onboarding methodology."

What You Need to Know About Business Processes Management

Enterprises, to survive, are required to continue their activities in a systematic order. The easiest way to do so is by the mean of institutionalized processes. Workflows allow deciding how to reach a defined goal in line with pre-defined rules of a task and which stages are required to achieve that goal. Thanks to the Business Processes Management module of Next4biz which stands out with its integrated power you can design the most efficient workflow diagrams for your enterprise without writing a single line of code and by turning this design into an application, you can make detailed analyses, improvements and much more for what you need.

Especially medium and large sized enterprises, in parallel to their organizational growth, requires workflows to meet the requirements and expectations of their customers that benefit from their products or services immaculately. However, as the created workflow diagram expands it becomes harder for works to be managed at their previous efficiency. At this point, Business Process Management takes the stage. Business Process Management takes all of the work done in an organization as a whole to create a model. At the center of the BPM, there is the design of the Business processes, their implementation, documentation, and continuous improvement. You can automatize all of these steps with Next4biz and you can get the following advantages.

  • You can design processes without coding.
  • You can monitor and analyse all steps of the workflow.
  • You can measure the workload on persons and departments.
  • You can determine the problematic points in the process and make improvements.
  • You can reduce your operation and support costs.
  • You can manage Design, Test and Implementation environments over a single platform.
  • You can reach all of your applications within the platform with its integration feature.

In addition to all of these advantages, Next4biz also stands out with its mobile compliant interface feature. Thanks this feature the field staff are able to reach the data they need wherever they are. When necessary, they can ensure that business processes continue without interruption by activating the services they are authorized for.

Digital transformation is a process that those who want to catch the astounding development speed of communication and information technology should complete. You can use Road Map To Success which is a method developed by experienced teams under the roof of Next4biz, to complete this process with haste. The method, which is shaped by experience gained from hundreds of processes that were designed for different sectors, makes up the backbone of the Business Processes Management module.

You will be able to complete your workflow diagram designs which will increase your efficiency with the help of the process elements library in the platform which was shaped by 15 years of experience. Also, you can customize reusable templates as you like in the design stage to fully meet the organizational needs. If you like, you can export completed designs.

It is very important to respond quickly to ever changing customer needs and expectations, and that is especially true for digital marketing oriented brands. Also creating processes with the traditional design methods that allow you to answer fully to the needs of the target audience requires serious workforce and time. The design tool of the Next4biz Business Process Management module which works with the drag and drop principle stands out as the most practical solution that can be used for this purpose.

Next4biz, thanks to its No Code architecture, reduces the IT needs of the brands as low as possible. Being able to design without coding also makes it possible for the processes to stay continuously up to date and to reduce investment costs in this area. The No Code design tool in the Next4biz Business Processes Management module helps you with 6 different subjects.

Workflows: You can easily design workflow diagrams with the drag and drop feature.

Interface Design: You can design all kinds of data fields and forms and connect them with your workflows.

Authorization Definitions: You can define roles and authorities in the process easily.

Service Levels: You can make definitions and measurements regarding workflows and service durations.

Business Rules: You can define and manage business rules to have full control over the workflow.

Relationships Between Processes: Workflows can be triggered automatically by events in the integrated systems along with the users’ behaviours.

The most important goal for most enterprises is to provide the best user experience to the target audience. What needs to be done to have an immaculate user experience is already known: It is to create tens and thousands of designs, make continuous tests, analyse their effects and ensure achieving the desired results. At the end of all of these processes, the designs that were found to have the desired effect are made available to the users in the production environment

A similar situation also applies to the workflow diagram. The workflows that will ensure the best results are designed, tested and included in the production at the last stage. Having all of these processes in separate, different environments causes inefficiency. Next4biz enables you to manage design, test and production processes together. Even more, when there are new requirements you can review your designs quickly and can do changes that you need instantly.

The Next4biz Business Processes Management module is divided into two environments as design and production. You can easily create many elements in the design environment, especially forms and data fields along with workflow with the advantage provided by No-Code architecture. One of the most important features of Next4biz comes into play at this very point. While you are doing design, the Business processes management module prepares the application. Thus, the workflows in the design environment can be tested together with the integrations in the application without losing any time.

One other convenience provided by Next4biz is the possibility to transition to a production environment from design. Authorized easer can change environments with a single click. You can also use the same practical feature while transferring the designs to the production environment. Having the transition this easily from both sides prevents time losses. The effects of the changed designs are analysed immediately and necessary directions for improvements are communicated to the designers.

It is highly possible to have data losses in processes that are conducted in different digital environments. Data stored on personal computers, emails, and spreadsheets can be lost before they are analysed. In addition to all these problems, platforms designed in accordance with traditional approaches require a certain level of database usage and coding knowledge to be able to report. This situation makes technical competence training mandatory for process analyses.

Next4biz allows you to leave all of the problems behind. You can prepare all the reports, graphs and dashboards you need in minutes by using the Business Workflow Tools that work with drag and drop principle. Therefore you will be able to understand easily what kind of issues were encountered at which step. You can analyse the causes of delays in depth and quickly take the necessary steps to improve. You can also make performance measurements on the people, department, and supplier basis with the process report you have made.

The Next4biz Business Processes Management module allows you both make measurements by using its comprehensive reporting feature and also create management panels. You can ensure that they can monitor Business processes, and make comprehensive analyses by assigning them with necessary roles and authorities. You can integrate Next4biz with the reporting tool you are already using in your business and download the reports you create as spreadsheets.

It is necessary to constantly review and update process flowchart models depending on the change in digitalized user and consumer behaviours as well as changes in sectoral dynamics.

At the same time, to keep up with this speed and to ensure that things are moving smoothly on their own all operational functions should be automated.

Otherwise, it will get harder to catch up with the corporate goals every passing day. The business rules module allows you to add your own codes to the Next4biz or edit automated business rules with the drag and drop method. “Easy Scripting” the easy coding layer of Next4biz’s integrated business rules module provides your process with new behaviours and with “Smart Ruling” the smart rule design layer you can define automated actions to your processes depending on certain events.

You can define functions triggered by an event with the Smart Rule Design layer and have data fields entrance in the user interface, calculation and other many operations to be done automatically.

The easy coding layer allows you to customize all of your processes with the codes that you will develop.

On top of that, you can use Next4biz name space, samples library and documentation at this stage. The added code is complied automatically and integrated into your other applications as a new feature. Thus, you do not have to do time consuming operations such as turning the system off and on again.

Next4biz allows you to have full control over the code that you have added. You can have the web service that you integrated into the system to be called by scripts at any time you want. You only have to define the event and moment to call the web service. The Business Process Management module listens to other applications and takes the necessary action when a predefined criterion is met.

Digitalization has organizations manage different works at the same with different software.

Next4biz’s integration feature ensures that you can create immaculate data transfer channels between the departments in your enterprise. Integration also allows the activation of workflows or transitions between states under a workflow to be activated via outer systems. For example; when a sale is over you may start accounting works or have an invoice to be created from ERP after payment. On top of that, there is no need for leaving the platform for the applications to communicate with each other. You can have the advantage of managing all of your corporate work -especially the human resources planning process- from a single screen with i-Frames.

It is sufficient for you to have your web services registered to the platform once to benefit from the integration feature with maximum efficiency. The registered service can be used at the desired workflow and time. Even more, Next4biz itself performs the task of finding web services and signatures in the new applications to be integrated. As in all processes, the desired integration code can be created by the drag and drop method.

Do not delay the opportunity to gain cost and time advantage in your operational processes with the Next4biz Business Processes Management module which can answer perfectly to all of the needs of B2B, B2C, and B2B2C work models. Contact us now for your enterprise specific demo requests!

Business Process Management is a set of applications carried out to model the way that enterprises conduct their business. Under this approach, there is also work under process improvement and standardization. BPM consists of 5 simple steps; design, modelling, implementation, monitoring, and optimization.

Enterprises, by adopting the business process management approach, get the chance to make their workflows much more efficient. In addition to this advantage, enterprises can define persons to work in a certain process and assign roles, monitor performances, and make improvements in the lacking parts of the process by creating reports.

Workflow ensures the organizational activities are done per the predetermined goals and strategies. How to achieve the goal and which stages are required to be passed towards achieving the goal is decided with the diagram created.

Workflow has two types; ad-hoc and structured. Ad-Hoc workflow usually handles one-off and non sequential tasks. Structured workflow is used for repetitive and sequential tasks. Form based administrative tasks such as purchasing, ordering and permit tracing, etc. and critical tasks that have high level features such as manufacturing, and database integration gets under the scope of the workflow.

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