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Marketing and Sales Management

  • Data Deduplication, consolidation, digital footprint monitoring
  • Dynamic segmentation, scorecard management
  • Integrated email, SMS, push message campaigns
  • Rule-based automatic marketing and sales
  • Opportunity and task management
  • No-code architecture, flexible reports
  • Regulation-compliant, integrated

Integrated, Consolidated, Consistent Customer Database

Integrate the customer data into next4biz from:

  • ERP
  • E-Commerce
  • Service management
  • Web forms
  • E-table
  • and other corporate applications.

"Gather everything about your customers!"

Track Your Customer’s Digital Footprint

Their visits to your website, preferred content,
reactions to your emails, interest in your offers,
blog analysis and much more…

"Customers as digital assets"

Digital Campaign Management

Utilize your customers

  • Basic Information,
  • Transactions,
  • Scorecards and Digital Behavior Data

to define your target audience with next4biz. Create your content. Run your campaigns.

“Digital campaign management through digital behavior analysis.”

Event- & Rule-Based Marketing & Sales Automation

What do you want your CRM to do when an event or data change takes place?
Set up rules and let next4biz CRM run things smoothly.

"Task management with automated campaigns and business rules”

Opportunity Management

  • Define the sales process,
  • Identify the sales steps,
  • Record all customer communication.

“Managing sales with processes, not with email”

Task management integrated with CRM

  • Efficient team coordination
  • Process management for marketing-sales projects
  • Customer- and opportunity-oriented task management

“Promote customer-oriented coordination between marketing and sales teams”

Design Your CRM

Create your customer database, business rules, forms, and sales and marketing processes without coding or IT dependency.

"Less IT Dependency [No Code No Cry]”

Marketing and Sales Reports

  • Campaign reports
  • Digital behavior analysis
  • Sales forecast
  • Opportunity and performance management reports

“Sustainable and predictable marketing and sales”

CRM Integrated with Your Systems

Web Service and iFrame integrations:

  • ERP systems and service applications
  • Retail and e-commerce applications
  • Banks, insurance and other corporate applications
  • Other CRM applications
  • E-tables and web forms is always there for you.

“next4biz: Software that integrates with all integrable systems: Next4biz”
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