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Make next4biz BPM into your own BPM

Integrate next4biz into your enterprise applications and external systems.

Take advantage of the
next4biz BPM library

Include your own code on next4biz BPM by using the next4biz name space, examples, and documents.

next4biz BPM compiles your code and adds it as a behavior

The new feature is added to next4biz BPM without having to reboot the system.

It integrates “on-the-fly” with your other applications.

Add unique functionalities with next4biz BPM

Define the timing and set of rules for your code on next4biz.

This allows you to add new and custom behaviors to your BPM.

Trigger your integrated web service at any time with scripts

Prompt functions to execute in your systems following triggers in your processes, when a task is completed or launched, or when data is added or altered.

next4biz BPM checks with the other applications and takes action when needed.

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