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Artificial Intelligence in Customer Satisfaction Management: Kuveyt Türk

Kuveyt Turk recently integrated next4biz’s Artificial Intelligence in Customer Complaint Management into their customer satisfaction system. They can now respond to customer questions and requests much faster and more easily.


Customers demand faster and more consistent service

Aslan Demir, Vice President of HR, Strategy, and Digital Transformation at Kuveyt Türk, sat down with us to discuss the company’s use of artificial intelligence. Highlighting that they are the first organization in the industry to use a self-learning artificial intelligence application, Mr. Demir said:
“We are thrilled to have achieved yet another first in the industry on our 30th anniversary. The focus of Kuveyt Türk’s innovative approach and technology investments is to boost our employee and customer satisfaction. From our physical branches to our digital efforts, we are organizing all our services to serve this end. With our AI-powered Customer Complaint Management system, we can now classify questions and requests from our customers with artificial intelligence. This enables us to respond to our customers much faster. The increasing impact of digitalization on our daily lives brings along significant changes in the expectations of our customers. Customers demand faster and more consistent service, and we keep working to make this a reality. Although we only recently commissioned this AI-powered system, we are already seeing its benefits, as our customers’ problems are resolved much faster.”

Artificial intelligence collects and addresses all complaints in one pool

Within next4biz’s Artificial Intelligence in Customer Complaint Management application, customers can submit requests and complaints via email, SMS, social media, website, mobile app, or complaint sites, and these are classified by artificial intelligence. Requests submitted to the call center can also be transferred to the artificial intelligence pool. After the classification process, the self-learning AI application facilitates the instantaneous answering of customer questions via SMS or email. Questions that cannot be answered by AI are automatically transferred to the relevant units by the system to ensure that employees respond quickly.

A system that is much more advanced than chatbots

Kuveyt Türk’s artificial intelligence application provides significant advantages over the chatbots used in finance and other industries. Chatbots can only respond with defined keywords, which means employees must frequently step in whenever there is no suitable keyword for a customer’s question. The Artificial Intelligence in Customer Complaint Management application, which constantly learns and updates itself according to customer behavior, understands how to respond according to algorithms and thinks like an employee. For instance, when an employee changes a category or adds a new one, the AI detects this change and creates a new classification in the system.

Kuveyt Türk continues to work on the development of artificial intelligence applications as it carries out its technological and innovation efforts. The company aims to be able to instantly respond to questions sent on the mobile app and the website through these same channels by 2020.

Gürkan Platin
Gürkan Platin, a graduate of Hacettepe University Management and Organization, worked as a manager in various positions at Mensan, Citibank, Garanti Bank and Credit Registration Bureau, respectively. Platin has been blogging since 1996 and his articles are published in various national and international publications.
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