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Bringing the Future to the Present

In today’s constantly changing business world, organizations must be able to keep up to be successful, and more importantly, to stay in existence. Fighting change, or being unable to adapt to it, is the biggest contributor to an organization’s demise. In this landscape, no organization can survive by doing business the same way it did 10 years ago.


Change is necessary! But how can we manage this change?

That’s the tricky part: managing change! To stay current and relevant, all organizations design strategies, make strategic business plans, and allocate budgets for change. They strive to implement the discipline of corporate process management in order to boost efficiency and satisfy corporate standards. This involves documenting a standardized way of doing business and defining processes for each type of job. Then they make these processes clear across the organization, expect the units to comply with the standards, and monitor their performance.

That being said, while carried out with the best of intentions, documenting processes is tedious and costly and often proves futile because of unrealistic practices that are doomed to become irrelevant. This is especially true if we consider today’s winds of change!

The good news is that the continuous evolution of technology has become both the biggest reason and the most useful tool for organizational change. We’ve all witnessed how technology drives change.

This is where the next4biz BPM Corporate Process Management Platform comes in as a next-generation software tool that enables end-to-end design and implementation of process management. With next4biz BPM, you can design all your business processes digitally with the drag-and-drop method, turn your processes into an application, and manage them on next4biz step by step.

next4biz BPM improves your efficiency in change management without disrupting your day-to-day operations and accelerates your adaptation to reach levels beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. Through process management with traditional methods, change is accomplished in five steps:

1. Analysis of the current situation (As Is…)
2. Determination of points for change
3. Design of the ideal situation (To Be…)
4. Application
5. Evaluation of outputs

Thanks to next4biz BPM, you can perform all five of these steps on a single platform:

  • Process design editors enable you to design not only your workflows, but all process elements, including data structure, interface, business rules, and SL.
  • You can design reports and dashboards, measure your processes and find opportunities for improvement.
  • You can integrate processes with your existing applications.
  • You can put processes into use after the design, prototyping, and testing phases.
  • You can reduce your IT dependency and increase your agility with low-code architecture.
And the best part is that you can do all this yourself, without needing to write code or contact technical support. In doing so, you can easily bring the future into the present by adapting to today’s winds of change and getting ahead of the competition.
Gürkan Platin
Gürkan Platin, a graduate of Hacettepe University Management and Organization, worked as a manager in various positions at Mensan, Citibank, Garanti Bank and Credit Registration Bureau, respectively. Platin has been blogging since 1996 and his articles are published in various national and international publications.
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