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Customization is now simple and easy, in few clicks you can design workflows

next4biz provides a comprehensive workflow design that seamlessly connects various components of your business, whether internal departments, applications, or outsourced services. With an intuitive interface, users can easily create or modify business rules without extensive software development, promoting consistency in service and avoiding redundant efforts. The platform's dynamic workflows adapt to customer attributes or issue details, allowing for tailored and efficient processes. Additionally, next4biz ensures integration with various systems, optimizing data exchange, consistency, and stability. The platform's self-service features, including a customer portal and knowledge base, contribute to cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction.


Everyone Is Involved

While designing a workflow you can connect all the components of your business, either they are departments, applications or outsourced services. With next4biz you can design and monitor the tasks you process internally and those you delegate to external companies.

next4biz is based on workflows containing the necessary steps (serial or parallel) to complete a service request or resolve a complaint. An user friendly interface will assist you to create or modify the business rules at any time, without developing new software.

We believe that designing workflows is the key to achieve customer loyalty and efficiency, because your service should be consistent and it should avoid to “reinvent the wheel” every minute. next4biz can associate one or more workflows according to many parameters, like problem category, customer segment or duration of the issue. In any step the system offer the possibility to notify the appropriate person or group.

Workflows can be dynamic according to the attributes of the customer or the issue. For example, redirect the issues to the service which is closest to the customer’s location, use VIP workflows if the customer segment is A+, depending on the financial amount of issue subject select different approval steps. You are free to identify and define these type of dynamic workflow rules.

Main characteristics of the workflows:

  • User-friendly interface: only a few clicks to design and change any parameter
  • Total resolution time and deadline for every step
  • Escalation management for tasks that are not executed within their predefined time
  • Configurable escalation hierarchy
  • Multiple workflows for a single category
  • Customizable notification system: Users and/or customers can receive email/SMS in any/every step or action

Design Interfaces

Design which are the relevant information at any stage of the resolution of a complaint

Customization is very easy in next4biz: with a few clicks you can define special pages for every type of request. This flexibility lets you collect all the information that your agent needs in order to manage issues faster and more efficiently.

Our strategy is to keep the agents focused on the mission to provide the best support in the shortest time. For this purpose next4biz keeps the relevant information in front of the user’s eyes and hide all the useless data that can mislead the user behavior. In the administrator tool those dynamic configurations are pretty easy and do not require to modify any software because those operation are mouse oriented and with a basic training anyone can do it.

The old days of big pages full of fields in a messy layout are over, take next4biz word for it !

Every System Is Involved

During the normal Customer Service operations a big quantity of data can be generated, validated or synchronized with external applications. In next4biz we are leveraging your past investments interconnecting our service to thousands of other applications in order to provide an efficient working environment for your employees. Call center users are super-trained in the art of ”ALT-TAB”, i.e. searching information about customers, contracts, spare parts and billing information in many applications.The conventional definition of software application has changed: next4biz capitalize the contribution of all systems by presenting their data in an integrated view.

next4biz primary concern is the capability to be integrated with any other system, either with developed in-house application or licensed enterprise software.

Our modular system of web services can hide the complexity of:

  • Interoperability = exchange of information in a standard format
  • Data integration = consistency, replication and data flow among different platforms
  • Stability = Robustness and scalability for growing organizations

The integration framework is designed for machine-to-machine interactions which are optimizing the day to day business.

Design SelfDesk

Before deciding to call your support and talk with an automated voice, many customers are keen on:

  • searching the solution to their problem in the portal
  • creating tickets or submitting requests on a web page
  • sending an email to the contact center

In many other situations they want to track their issues or just reading the common issues about your products. The quality of your services is greatly improved by offering an office open 24/7 where your customers can contact you and browse FAQ, known errors or resolve their own problems.

next4biz has all these features: it offers to your customers the opportunity to share the knowledge and perform some operations in complete autonomy. In economic terms: cost reduction (less personnel) and customer satisfaction increase (more revenue).

Gürkan Platin
Gürkan Platin, a graduate of Hacettepe University Management and Organization, worked as a manager in various positions at Mensan, Citibank, Garanti Bank and Credit Registration Bureau, respectively. Platin has been blogging since 1996 and his articles are published in various national and international publications.
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