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Digital Transformation in Customer Experience Management: Teknosa

Digitalization is often both troublesome and costly. However, with the right approach, it can be transformational. To think of digitalization solely as a series of technological investments would be to overlook the type of cultural transformation that it has the potential to bring.

Teknosa is one example of a company that started this process in the early stages and is now reaping the benefits of this decision.

In our webinar with Mr. Ömer Kasım from Teknosa, a long-term user of next4biz for end-to-end management of customer services, we asked him questions about this transformation process. Mr. Kasım shared the details of their transformation journey revolving around customer experience management. Below is a brief summary of the webinar.

Teknosa is an industry leader in customer experience management and a digital transformation leader in retail technology, according to consumer votes in the recent Turkey’s Digital Brands survey.

How would you describe the company’s approach to customer experience management?

Our company has made significant investments in digitalization, data analytics, and omnichannel and multi-channel communication, and it continues these investments at full steam. Many business units in Teknosa also take part in this digital transformation. We are continuously improving customer experience in all our processes, from our stores to our website and mobile application.

· We develop our services according to the needs and inclinations of our customers, primarily by making use of our strong position in CRM and data analytics.
· We support our customers at every stage of their shopping journey.
· We diversify our customer service channels. We provide fast and easy support services through channels such as phone, chat, WhatsApp, web contact form, and social media.
· We listen to our customers on all major external channels and focus on producing the most appropriate and fastest solutions for their questions and problems (Şikayetvar, social media, mobile app comments, Google Business, Ekşi Sözlük, etc.). We benefit from the valuable opinions and expectations of our customers in improving the customer experience with post-call surveys and NPS surveys for all service channels.

Which features make Teknosa stand out in terms of customer experience and customer satisfaction?

We focus on customer satisfaction. All Teknosa business units assume responsibility and take action to increase customer satisfaction and improve the customer experience. In customer service:
· We provide ease of access to our customers through all channels (omnichannel).
· We offer easy and secure service on digital channels:
· Webchat and WhatsApp sales service (iyzilink)
· Video-Chat service
· Telemarketing service
· We provide pre- and post-sales support services on both offline and online channels.
· We support our customers in all authorized service processes, even after making the sale:
· Service processes managed from our stores
· Customer service areas
· We conduct NPS surveys for service channels and make improvements based on our customers’ opinions.
· We conduct post-sales shipping and brand service satisfaction surveys.

How has the pandemic affected customer interaction?

The pandemic has accelerated technological developments all over the world and driven digitalization in every area. Consumer trends and priorities have also changed. People started to buy only what they need. During the lockdowns, we saw a surge in online shopping and the emergence of a brand new customer base. Digital channels were used to a greater extent for shopping and communication purposes. At Teknosa, we took swift advantage of this change and adapted our services and processes to meet the changing and developing customer expectations and provide our customers with a better experience.

What were Teknosa’s experiences and assessments in customer experience management during the pandemic?

With the timely steps we took in digitalization and customer-oriented transformation, we quickly adapted to changes and continued to offer a comprehensive service to our customers.

· We successfully blended online and offline applications during the pandemic.
· We expanded our fast delivery (same day and next day) network so that everyone could meet their increasing technology needs as quickly as possible. Our ability to ship products from our stores gave us a competitive advantage. During the pandemic, we made deliveries to our customers in the fastest way possible by shipping products from our dark stores, even when the physical stores were closed.
· We launched the “Click & Drive” service, an industry first.
· While stores were completely closed, we built technology sections in select CarrefourSA markets in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Adana, and Antalya.
· To meet the growing demand in online shopping during the pandemic, we developed our webchat and WhatsApp channels and activated our telemarketing service. In the same period, we launched our iyzilink digital channel sales service, the first and only service of its kind in the industry.
· As another first in Turkey, we launched our “Video-Chat” application, which is used only by a select few companies globally.

In which areas did you need next4biz the most?

As a brand that offers customer service on multiple channels, our priority was to manage all these channels easily and quickly. However, we were also looking for a system that would enable us to see the data from all channels on a single platform. That is where next4biz came in. We are able to manage and analyze all data on next4biz and get the reports we want, regardless of the channel used.

Another huge advantage is that the user can access the admin panel. We do not require assistance from the next4biz team for most changes and process designs, as we are able to carry out various tasks, such as user authorization processes, organizational structure creation, security settings, etc., on our own.

Finally, ease of integration has been another major convenience. Our database in the Teknosa infrastructure is currently integrated with next4biz. This has made everything easier for our operations, and especially for our call centers. We started processing all customer data on a single screen. Our agents no longer use multiple screens when meeting the demands of our customers and are able to operate much faster and more easily on next4biz because the next4biz screen contains all of this data. This contributes to greater efficiency and call times and also reflects positively on our costs.

Which factors made this collaboration easier or harder?

The most challenging aspect of these collaborations is always the transition period. Replacing a system that you have been using for a long time with another system is both a frightening and demanding process. However, we managed this process much more easily and faster than expected thanks to the assistance of the next4biz support teams. All that was left was to change our habits, which followed shortly after.

Currently, all Teknosa business units, stores, business partners, and the call center can easily use next4biz. One of the biggest risks in this process was the protection of old data, but the flexible structure of next4biz came to the rescue once again. There may be technical issues or setbacks in these major transitions; the important thing is to work with an experienced business partner who has alternative solutions that will allow you to quickly overcome any issues. We realized here that we had made the right choice.

Teknosa has been leading the industry in digitalization for a good while. What was its digitalization roadmap?

We designed our digital transformation so that it would start from the supply chain and continue with the delivery of the product to the end consumer and after-sales. By adopting a data-based management culture, we were able to continue our CRM investments at full steam. We have implemented new applications to optimize the experience offered to customers by analyzing data with artificial intelligence algorithms.

All business units in our company focused on the customer, determined the transformation needs in their own fields, and created a roadmap with agile working groups. After determining our priorities and potential gains, we began implementing the projects gradually and simultaneously. When it came to customer services, we had two basic perspectives: to further develop the existing practices and to incorporate innovations into our processes by shaping them according to the needs of Teknosa customers.

What kind of results have you achieved in this digitalization process?

· We have reduced complaint rates significantly.
· Our satisfaction rate and NPS scores have increased significantly across all channels.
· We have achieved savings in call center costs thanks to the increased use of digital channels.
· We are providing services to our customers on seven different social media channels.
· We have improved our average response times on social media channels.
· We respond to 99 percent of customer requests on our webchat and WhatsApp channels within 50 seconds.
· Our satisfaction rates for these channels have increased, which has led to more frequent use by customers.
· Of the customers receiving service from our digital channels, 80 percent now prefer these channels.
· With our sales activities via telemarketing and digital channels, we provide an easy shopping experience across different channels, which contributes to the turnover.

What are your visionary goals for the future?

We analyze the experiences of our customers at all touchpoints and focus on producing customized services and solutions. We strive to offer our customers a unique omnichannel shopping experience. We will continue to work on new applications and models to support our customers in every aspect of the journey and provide them with uninterrupted service.

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