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End-to-End Customer Experience Management in the Furniture Industry: ADORE

In 2020, furniture became the rising star of e-commerce. With people spending more time at home and white-collar employees transforming their homes into offices due to the remote working model imposed by the pandemic, furniture needs to be replaced more frequently.


The furniture industry generated 50 billion Turkish lira in the domestic market in 2020 and became one of the few industries that maintained its export volume. During this period, Adore Mobilya focused on customer-oriented digitalization applications and differentiated itself from the competition, especially by turning to e-commerce. The company’s accomplishments in this area were recognized at the Echo Awards. The following is a brief summary of our conversation with two of the hidden heroes behind this success.

In our What’s Next webinar, we discussed end-to-end customer experience management in the furniture industry with Adore Mobilya E-Commerce & Digital Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager Tuğçe Çalışkan and Adore Mobilya CRM Manager Büşra Dalgıç Korkmaz.
  • First, could you give us a brief overview of Adore Mobilya?

As a 30-year-old company based in Ankara, Adore Mobilya is one of the strongest representatives of the industry in the production of ready-to-assemble furniture, exporting to 40 countries. Adore has managed to become the most popular furniture brand among consumers with its high sales volume, especially in chain stores and recently in marketplaces, and provides its customers with the best bang-for-buck products.

  • How has the pandemic affected the marketing strategies of furniture brands?

Customers who, prior to the pandemic, preferred to buy furniture from physical stores so they could see the products for themselves and try them out have naturally turned to online shopping. Accordingly, furniture companies started selling online in collaboration with both websites and marketplace platforms. The industry has embarked upon a major digital transformation process, from production and sales to distribution and after-sales services.

  • Tell us about the digitalization of customer experience management at Adore Mobilya.

The company first examined all of our customer interaction channels and decided to concentrate our efforts on the digital ones. They we started looking for solutions that would facilitate the digital and integrated management of these channels. A cloud call center and chat applications were put into service immediately. The website, which had up until that point been primarily used for corporate promotion, was transformed into an e-commerce platform and an effective sales channel. The company also sought ways to turn this platform into a service touchpoint to deal with customer demands and complaints. It was at this point that we discovered next4biz and positioned it as the CRM system at the center of the entire transformation process.

  • What are Adore Mobilya’s customer contact channels?
As a B2B and B2C company, Adore Mobilya provides holistic services to its customers through the call center; an e-commerce website; self-service customer portal; online chat; chatbot; email; social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; and all the other communication channels used by consumers, including WhatsApp, SMS, and marketplace applications.
  • What did customer service management at Adore Mobilya look like before next4biz?

Customer requests and complaints came in via a call center operating with an IP telephone exchange. We kept customer data in Excel files and managed communication via email. It was a challenging method that, over time, became impossible to manage, as it required a lot of manual effort.

  • What’s the secret to making a difference in e-commerce and winning an Echo Award?

Two main reasons contributed to Adore Mobilya’s receipt of this award: the comfort provided by the online shopping experience and the value created in digital after-sales services. Adore has maintained a customer-oriented vision throughout all stages, from production to logistics, thanks to the harmonious cooperation of its sales and after-sales services. We achieved success by increasing our digital presence, particularly through the use of social media and through the Cat House Project, a social responsibility project that has attracted public attention and acclaim.

  • How does a CRM expert decide on the best CRM system?
First, you need to precisely identify the company’s needs and investigate suitable alternatives that can meet these needs. The most critical factor at this stage is references. The e-commerce experience should be one of the most decisive aspects, especially in today’s conditions. Additionally, the CRM system must be cloud-based and easy to integrate with the ERP, call center and e-commerce platforms. It must not require coding and should allow for changes to be made easily and quickly.
  • Why did Adore Mobilya choose next4biz?

Hearing other people’s positive experiences with next4biz, especially in e-commerce, was the biggest determining factor for us at Adore. Another consideration was next4biz’s cloud system, which facilitated the transition to remote work during the pandemic and created the opportunity to monitor all work 24/7. We also appreciated its no-code architecture, its process-based system feature, its combination of all communication channels, and its full integration with other business management systems, such as ERP and e-commerce platforms. Additionally, the fact that Ms. Korkmaz and Ms. Çalışkan were already familiar with next4biz from previous roles was key. These two managers switched companies, but their preference for next4biz remained.

  • What should a department consider when choosing a CRM system?

Customer satisfaction and orientation are crucial. Lack of convenience in the online experience may lead to the customer giving up on purchasing a product. If you can’t make a difference in both sales & marketing and customer service management in digital channels, which stand out as today’s sole commercial arena, you will lose your current sales potential and your presence. In today’s digital universe, it is vital to provide customer service in a way that satisfies consumers and to manage all services harmoniously; this enables you to promote your brand more effectively and survive in an increasingly competitive market landscape by seizing sales opportunities at all interaction points. Since a CRM system is the only platform available for performing this key task, our choice in this respect affects the future of the entire company.

  • What is the effect of customer satisfaction on online sales?

Briefly put, it has a great effect. The furniture business is not just about delivering a particular product to the customer; it must be a high quality, functional product that is delivered as soon as possible. Post-delivery assembly and accompanying the user’s product experience are among the other challenges. Ensuring fast and trouble-free logistics and being able to quickly offer a solution in the event of a problem leads to new sales opportunities. Consumers no longer make their purchases by assessing product features alone. They’re looking for a good experience across social media, complaint platforms, and marketplace applications. If you cannot make your existing customers happy, you cannot generate new sales opportunities.

  • Which e-commerce categories have the highest sales growth?
We’ve observed the highest growth in two categories: the recent trend of e-sports furniture, and home office furniture (necessitated, as previously mentioned, by the work-from-home model). We now sell a significant portion of our products through online channels.
  • Tell us about the transition to next4biz.

After a week of training and a two-week configuration process, we started using next4biz right away. Thanks to the training and application exercises, even the configuration supervisors who were unfamiliar with next4biz could easily set up the customer service platform that Adore required. We received assistance from our product consultant at next4biz whenever we needed it, and we had no issues when we started using the system. Since the integration of communication channels such as the call center, self-service, chat, and email were ready, we connected these channels to next4biz in the span of one day. Other integrations soon followed.

  • What changes have you seen in customer and employee experience after next4biz?

Our customers’ positive experience has been reflected in their feedback. Their increased level of satisfaction has become apparent through surveys, social media and complaint sites. Customer interaction traffic has increased. Whereas previously, customer notifications could go unresolved or unanswered, every piece of customer feedback is now logged, which means we don’t miss a thing. An incredible shift has occurred in the employee experience as well. We can now respond to twice as many customer issues in half the time, so there has been a massive increase in productivity. Our agents are also very satisfied since they can now serve customers on the phone with a full understanding of their identity and history. Information on the caller and their customer issue history is automatically displayed on their screens. Additionally, with next4biz, we can now manage service performance more effectively and fairly, and we can get to the bottom of customer complaints with root cause analyses. For instance, we used to face major problems in the shipping process. After we identified the real causes of these problems and showed them to our business partners with the relevant proof, they immediately intervened and solved the problems.

  • What is Adore Mobilya’s vision for customer service management?

Our main goal is to become a fully digital furniture company. To achieve this vision, we will start using the customer relationship management and digital marketing modules of next4biz on top of its customer service module. We will also place greater emphasis on artificial intelligence and robot automation systems. We plan to switch to different digital applications aimed at improving the user experience, especially in the field of e-commerce. In the near future, this difference will become noticeable in both customer interfaces and functional applications.
As you can see, success doesn’t happen by chance. Behind every success are hidden heroes who work hard and tools that make the lives of those heroes easier. At next4biz, we have proudly provided those tools to hundreds of national and international organizations, enabling them to achieve great commercial success by improving customer relations in both B2B and B2C models.

Now you can take your place among the architects of this success.

Gürkan Platin
Gürkan Platin, a graduate of Hacettepe University Management and Organization, worked as a manager in various positions at Mensan, Citibank, Garanti Bank and Credit Registration Bureau, respectively. Platin has been blogging since 1996 and his articles are published in various national and international publications.
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