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In today’s world, new ones must be added to the solutions offered to customers to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction. Besides superior service quality, establishing effective channels of ‘communication’ with customers plays a vital role in choosing your brand over others. Customers want to make themselves heard; they want companies to come up with more creative ways of communication to get fast replies to their suggestions, requests and complaints. Fewer communication problems, stronger customer loyalty. The accessibility of the brand leaves a positive impact on customer perceptions.


The best way to do this is to open to your customers various communication channels. In that respect, web-based live customer support applications are among the most commonly preferred applications in today’s world of customer communication strategies. Live support applications have a cloud computing architecture and they are web-based, making them flexible and highly affordable. Our clients simply rent our live support services and save money on maintenance, hardware and hosting costs thanks to the cloud computing architecture. An Internet connection is all you need to communicate with the customer.

Live support applications need to be fully integrated with other systems where customer communications are managed to run more effectively. Customer communications coming from live support channels need to be recorded, managed, resolved and reported, in a similar way to those coming from other communication channels such as call centers and emails.

Helpalive is a web-based live support application incorporating all these useful features. Thanks to its integration with the customer demand and complaint management application next4biz, it allows communications coming via chat channels to be included in the customer communication management processes with a single button.

It has a simple design which makes it easy for customers from all backgrounds to use it. Prior to the contact, the customer can choose a topic or enter the topic he wishes to discuss with the operator in the free text field or he can even exchange messages with different operators depending on the progress of the talk. This way, operators talk to customers about only those issues they have full expertise in, allowing customers to be correctly informed as well as shortening the contact duration.

The display of the brand’s own logo and colors on the Helpalive screen helps maintain the corporate image. The customizable feature of the messaging button and the image is vital in terms of the maintenance of the visual integrity of the brand. Answer customer queries about products instantly using Helpalive.

Another convenient feature of the live support app is its ability to record correspondences with customers and provide instant access to past correspondences. Transparent work processes always come in handy. The recording of correspondences and their display on a single screen allows the customer to be correctly informed about his past correspondences in a speedy way. Ready-made message templates expedite and standardize the messaging process. Thus, live support communication is executed on a corporate basis.

On the other hand, Helpalive also allows its users to engage in simultaneous messaging with different customers. An operator can respond to more than one customer at the same time. It is up to the company using the software to decide with maximum how many customers an operator can exchange messages at once. This helps set a certain level of standard to the management of customer communications obviating any potential conflicts. When the limit is reached, customers can leave off line messages. This way, you keep the doors of communication open to your customers.

Modern time employees deal with different business operations during a day at the office. Operators managing the live support application may also be required to do some multi-tasking. Therefore, the visual and auditory warning of the operator when a customer logs in to the live messenger system enables him to become immediately cognizant of the customer’s presence.

In some cases, operators may need the assistance of another operator. Helpalive allows one operator to exchange messages with another. Being able to exchange messages not just with customers but other operators during the day not only expedites internal communication but also brings down communication costs. It may also be used as an internal communication tool. . Written communication with customers entails the careful monitoring of employees. Communications between operators or those between operators and customers can be easily monitored by authorized users to prevent potential communication jams and to maintain quality standards in the execution of the process.

Operators can access Helpalive, in terms of ease of use, through either a web interface or they can also have it installed on their computer desks as a Gadget. This allows users easier access to the application and enables them to monitor the status of off line/on line operators.

While an operator and customer exchange messages, there may arise situations during the process where additional mutual notifications may become necessary. The customer may want to make some additions to his query or complaint which he communicated either before or following the conversation with the operator. Such flexibility can be achieved through custom data fields allowing details about the conversation to be gleaned from its source. This allows the process to be completed in the same correspondence without disruption of the flow.

One of the biggest reasons why corporations prefer to use different applications is because they wish to make a practice of the processes they experience. And this may only be achieved with the customization of the application according to the requirements of the corporation. Users should be able to make whatever modifications they deem necessary to the application. For instance, users should be able to modify things like greeting messages, on hold messages, time-out messages and the messaging interface. Users should be able to configure what sort of information will be demanded from customers at the beginning of the live correspondence as well as what sort of information will be compulsory. Helpalive incorporates all these features thanks to its flexibility.

Besides giving our clients better service, applications that help improve work processes add value to corporations. Accordingly transparent execution of processes is of high importance and analyzing the processes is only possible through reporting. Helpalive offers extensive reporting options with regards to live support processes. More detailed reporting allows corporations to have more control over their work processes. Users should be able to create reports of information such as Operator-based total correspondence time, number of sessions, the average session time and the duration of acw. Helpalive allows users to measure operator performance with various features such as session history, messaging invitations, general messaging reports, status reports, and many more ready made reports.

Another important issue is the execution of correspondences with customers within the bounds of authority and the user groups. Authorized users have the ability to group users, and to assign roles to this users and created groups. This allows the quality standards to be maintained in the use of the application.

As a final note, we would add that information security has great importance for corporations and customers alike in today’s conditions. What makes the live support application highly desirable is its strong safety features. Using the HTTPS protocol for messaging, Helpalive ensures safe communication with customers. Messaging services periodically check the on line status of operators and the address details of customers. They can access the accounts of the operators with a user name and password. All messaging demands and messages are recorded.

Gürkan Platin
Gürkan Platin, a graduate of Hacettepe University Management and Organization, worked as a manager in various positions at Mensan, Citibank, Garanti Bank and Credit Registration Bureau, respectively. Platin has been blogging since 1996 and his articles are published in various national and international publications.
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