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Marketing Automation with Business Rules

Enable next4biz CRM to automate your marketing effort: Set business rules to determine events to act on, to identify target audiences and to decide on actions to take.

İş Kuralları ve Pazarlama Otomasyonu

Respond to clicks

Identify potential customers clicking on your website, and letnext4biz CRM respond by posting automated emails to the customer, tasking a sales manager, tagging the customer, and more.

Respond to change

Monitor changes that signify important conditions, such as receiving an approval, having a payment past due, or requiring additional information for an application.

Decide how to respond, such as sending a survey questionnaire or posting a legal notification.

Let next4biz CRM monitor changes and respond on behalf of you in real-time.

React to a customer responding to outreach

Monitor whether potential customers read your marketing email.

Let next4biz CRM automatically respond by assigning tasks to the appropriate sales manager, tagging the customer, and including relevant notes for the opportunity.

React to a customer considering a proposal

Monitor whether potential customers have read your proposal email and are viewing product related content.

Let next4biz CRM automatically prompt the relevant sales manager to make a customer call.

React to warranty expiration

Monitor whether the validity of a customer warranty is to end soon.

Let next4biz CRM automatically respond by emailing the customer a warranty extension offer, monitor when the offer is read by the customer, and then task the sales manager to make a call to the customer.

React to potential customers answering an email

Monitor whether a customer has answered your email.

Let next4biz CRM automatically respond by sending the customer a push notification, updating the sales stage, and posting a customer service notification.

React to the approaching end of a customer subscription

Monitor whether the term of a customer subscription is to end soon.

Let next4biz CRM automatically respond by posting a renewal offer, monitoring when the offer is accepted by the customer, and then redirect the customer to payment.

React to the occurrence special days and occasions

Monitor upcoming special days of customers and their loved ones, including birthdays, anniversaries, national days, and religious festivities. Also, monitor one-off special occasions like kids turning 18, changing addresses and job changes.

Let next4biz CRM automatically respond with email, push notifications, special offers or any other response that you decide on.

Take a unique approach to automated marketing

Take advantage of true event and rule based marketing. Determine what events are important to you and your customers, and how you want to respond to them.

Concentrate on the business, not the complexity of facilitating technologies. Design your events and rules through simple
drag-drop interfaces, without any coding. Let next4biz CRM take care of the rest.

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