Next4biz Business Applications Are Merging Under a Single Brand!

24 September 2021

As Next4biz, we combine cloud-based applications that we have developed over 15 years and are used by thousands of users around the world under one brand.

In order to enable organizations to manage their customer-oriented digital transformation programs under a single roof, all Next4biz brands such as Mi4biz-Customer Service Management (CSM), Opheleia-Business Process Design and Operating System (BPM) and Selphiu-New Generation Digital Marketing Platform (CRM) platforms were reconfigured.

As of 01.04.2019, the brands Mi4biz-CSM, Ophelia-BPM, and Selphiu-CRM have been restructured under the brand next4biz which has become a new and holistic platform with the strong integration between these brands.

Next4biz decided to unite its value-added platforms created by combining its strong infrastructure with the advanced technologies in the field of end-to-end customer service management, under a single brand, in order to create a renewed and holistic system. With the brand of next4biz, the leading platforms and sub-brands with the value created in all sectors, by both the globally acquired experiences through long ages and the new generation technologies, have all been turned into an integrated system under a single roof.

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