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Reduce IT Dependency with next4biz CRM & BPM

As IT dependency increases, agility decreases. With next4biz, you can design your CRM and BPM processes, interfaces, and even data structures yourself without writing a single line of code.

Reduce IT Dependency with Next4biz CRM & BPM

No Code, No Cry!

Design your CRM without requiring technical support and edit it whenever you like. Make your own:

  • Data structure
  • Forms
  • Business processes
  • Campaigns
  • Content
  • Business rules
  • And much more!


Design Your Processes with Ease

Your IT department is likely already overwhelmed. Don’t let things grind to a halt as you try to manage resource planning, project planning, and delays. next4biz allows you to design your own CRM, including marketing & sales processes and all the other processes you need for BPM on your own.

Design your own CRM and BPM without overloading the IT department.

“No Code” Form Design

next4biz features design tools to reduce IT dependency. You can design or modify forms and customer/opportunity card custom fields for CRM and BPM without requiring technical support.
Create dynamic forms without any coding, and change them whenever you want.

Strengthen Your CRM and BPM with Business Rules

Use no-code business rules to create marketing automations in your CRM system, send direct customer requests to the relevant units, and manage customer service agents’ communication with customers.
Manage dispatch rules, process operations, accessibility of forms, value calculations, and actions to be taken in your BPM system with business rules. Improve your processes.

Agile Software, Agile Organization

Adapt quickly and easily to changing customer demands. Don’t overload the IT department; boost your agility instead with next4biz.

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