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Starter Pack Terms Of Use


STARTER PACK is a package of Next4biz CRM/CSM/BPM product. The rules you must abide by when purchasing this product package are determined in these terms of use.

Regarding the management and processing of the data you provide while using the product package, you can access our Privacy Policy, Commitment for GDPR, and Privacy Notice.


1. Upon placing an order for the Starter Pack product package and making the payment for the package fee, you can start using the products and services included in the Starter Pack with your username and password.

2. The Starter Pack product package can only be used by the person(s) who have created the user registration and is limited to the number of licenses. Your username and/or password cannot be shared with third parties. For each registration opened on behalf of users of corporate customers, the individual username and passwords (“Login”) assigned must be used by those individuals themselves. Each company/customer is responsible for maintaining the records of the real persons using the accounts correctly and completely. A user account can only be used by the person for whom the user registration has been created. Each user is responsible for the confidentiality of their login information and must ensure that others do not log in with their credentials. The use of the products and services with tools other than real persons, such as robots, automated processors, artificial intelligence, requires additional licenses.

3. Starter Pack product license fee: The 6 (Six) monthly license fee specified in the product order and approval process, along with the service fee, is invoiced and paid in advance. The license fees for the following months are invoiced on the first day of each month. The payment period for invoices is a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days. Once the user registration is created, the payment for the relevant product and service cannot be refused, and the paid fees cannot be refunded. After the initial 6-month period, the Customer can always cancel the package by sending a cancellation request with 1-month prior notice. Otherwise, the license will automatically renew each month for continued use. Provided that the number of user licenses does not fall below the minimum of 5 licenses, the number of user licenses can be increased or decreased by the Customer later on. The price specified in the Starter Pack offer does not include any applicable taxes, customs duties, or tariffs due to the country you are in.

4. Starter Pack product is available to use by online access via internet to the next4biz shared cloud platform ( To use the Starter Pack product, the user is responsible for meeting technical requirements such as computer and internet access. If integration of next4biz product with other software and products is requested (e.g., Call Center, Complaints, Whatsapp Business, Chat-ChatBot, Social Media, SMS/Email-SMTP sending services), providing necessary licenses is the responsibility of the customer.

5. All support services are provided remotely. The scope and details of support services are available at

6. Intellectual Property Rights: All rights on Next4biz software products, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, utility models, designs, visuals, schematics, belong to Next4biz. All copyrights related to the website, visuals, and designs regarding the products and services are registered in the name of Next4biz, and all rights are reserved. HTML/CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Asp.Net, or other visuals and design elements may not be copied or used, in whole or in part, without the express written permission of Next4biz. With the Starter Pack package, you are granted limited authorization to use the website and products and services as indicated in the information forms related to the website and products and services. This authorization does not, in any way, mean the transfer of any intellectual property rights, such as a trademark, patent right, invention, copyright, license, domain name, trade secret, or any other intellectual and industrial property rights, either partially or entirely.

The limited user license right given to you within the scope above does not imply and cannot be interpreted in any way as granting others a license, sublicensing, assignment of rights, sale, franchise, distribution, or operating rights.

During product usage, the user must take necessary precautions to prevent illegal uses and infringement of the rights of others.

Any actions that include changes, corrections, engineering, reverse engineering, creating user registrations with false information, disrupting the operation, and any attempt actions, loading viruses, etc., on the product and services, are strictly prohibited. Using the product and services for illegal actions is strictly prohibited (e.g., violation of personal rights of others, unauthorized email sending, use for bulk message sending, disassembly of product or service elements, reverse engineering, access to source codes, sending harmful or disruptive emails, using it for racist, hate speech, sexually explicit, message, or sending offensive content).

7. If you do not comply with the terms of use, Next4biz reserves the right to suspend or terminate, either partially or completely, the provision of products and services, temporarily or permanently, unilaterally.

8. Information Security measures, certifications, and information about regular security tests can be found at

9. Regulatory or flexible security tests such as penetration, infiltration, IDOR, NIST, MITRE, OWASP, etc., attack tests and reviews, performance tests, and actions such as attacking, sending malicious requests, on Next4biz products are prohibited.

10.  Next4biz provides its products and services “as is” and does not make any commitment to flawlessness. The product features are explained on the website. Next4biz’s liability for any and all claims for damages is limited to the license fee paid by the Customer in the last 6 months at most.

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