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Sustainable Customer Satisfaction with next4biz

For today’s topic, we interviewed Mrs. Turhan Keskin on customer notification management in the banking sector. We talked about the importance of measuring and reporting the rewards they receive in customer service and delved into the details of integrated and process-based customer complaint management.

1 – Can you provide some information about ING Bank and your department?

“In 2007, ING Group and Oyak Group reached an agreement on the sale of 100% of the shares of Oyak Bank to ING Group. On July 7, 2008, the bank started to offer financial services to individual and institutional customers at world standards as ING Bank Turkey. At the Customer Solution Center, we work to ensure complaints, appeals, suggestions, and requests received from all channels are processed and that satisfaction is at the maximum level by meeting with the relevant departments. The next4biz program gives us the maximum benefit in matters where we need to follow the issue more closely.”

2 – In recent years, ING Bank has received numerous awards in the area of Customer Complaint Management. How did you manage to do that? Did next4biz contribute to this?

“We are trying to provide uninterrupted service to our customers by integrating our customer-focused approach and understanding of quick service in complaint management with the processes of next4biz. Thanks to the innovations we have brought to the sector and processes, our customer complaints are being resolved in a short time and our customer-focused approach has led us to make a difference in the sector. Apart from these, the feedback we receive from our customers is very important to us. We can better analyze the points on which we need to improve, and we can find the opportunity to work on them in detail. The contribution of next4biz is quite high in reporting customer feedback.”

3 – How do you assess the point to which Customer Service Management has come in the finance sector? What is the intensity of use of next4biz at ING Bank? Is it an application used in the whole bank?

“We believe that Complaint Management has an important share in the entire sector. ING Bank is an institution that attaches great importance to this issue with a focus on customer satisfaction. With 266 branches and 1,536 ATMs, we are in a good position in the sector in terms of the resolution period for notifications.”

4 – In which areas do you use next4biz?

“We are aiming to take next4biz processes to every platform where the customer is found. It is easier to manage complaints from all channels with perfect system operation and our professional team. At the same time, next4biz facilitates our work to a great extent in terms of the accurate reporting of notifications received by our bank. It is a flexible application that we can direct as we want, that we can shape and make practical. We think that all our employees should use it because the structure keeps solution times short.”

5 – Have you integrated next4biz with your existing systems? What did integration provide you with?

“Yes, we integrated our systems. We’re able to get to know our customers, display their demand history, and provide faster service in a shorter time. Since our branches, Head Office units and Kahramanmaraş Operations Center are working on the same program, progressing from a single point facilitated our processes and our lives thanks to next4biz.”

6 – You are open to communication from a wide number of channels, such as BRSA, Arbitration Committees, call centers, complaint sites, social media, digital banking (mobile application, website, internet banking), and your branches. Is it not difficult to manage notifications from all these channels?

“Yes, we serve customer notifications from different channels. However, we do not have difficulties as we manage notifications from all channels on a single platform. Even if the same customer’s notifications come from different channels, we can easily track and resolve the issue. With the next4biz system, we can offer our customers “Contact Us” forms, where we can receive requests from a variety of channels, such as our website (, our ING mobile application, and our social media accounts. In this way, customers can benefit from an application where they can express their wishes and complaints no matter where they are.”

7 – Customer Service Management is a very dynamic area. Categories, channels, and processes are constantly changing and increasing. When you want to make changes in your processes, how do you go about it?

“Yes, as you have stated, we have a very dynamic production. With new products, subjects, and processes, we can have titles that need to change constantly. We can do this quickly with next4biz without IT intervention. By designing what we need, we can immediately bring it to life.”

8 – What have you been measuring most? What is the added value that this provides for your business?

“We can easily measure the number of notifications in the arrival channel, resolution times, solution percentages, whether they are processed in a timely fashion, and which topics are most relevant. With these measurements, we can quickly identify the actions that need to be taken.”

9 – Are you able to follow delays?

“Yes, because of the product’s escalation feature we can follow this easily. We can provide timely processing within the SLAs that I determine with the departments. From the reports we receive from next4biz, we are able to easily determine the number of notifications waiting in which department and where we need to speed up.”

10 – With next4biz you can receive a lot of general reports as well as reports specific to your bank. Could you tell us a bit about this?

“There are many readymade report features for our needs in the product structure. However, with the help of the flexible reporting feature, we can also create reports for our needs outside the readymade report format. This gives us the flexibility to follow up on each area comfortably. We need a variety of reports in order to measure our customers’ satisfaction and complete the missing points, and when necessary, we can receive weekly or monthly reports on next4biz and make survey calls for satisfaction measurement.”

Ebru Turhan Keskin
In 1999, she started her career at the Call Center of ING Bank and worked in the inbound/outbound and back-office departments. She has had an active role in the establishment of the bank’s Complaint Management System.

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