Omnichannel Customer Communication is one of the “must have” features of new contact center technology. This new concept allows your company to interact with your clients in any conditions. On top of the standard methods (telephone, fax, email, web) your customer representatives can be contacted on the new media channels: Facebook, Twitter, chat.

In these times, all businesses are fighting with reduced margins and global recession, plus they have to deal with costs and customer satisfaction. Together with the economic crisis, caring for your clients can make the difference among competitors. Using the proper technology, every business can improve the customer experience and increase revenues. Special attention should be posed on delivering good services, because recent surveys show that around one-third of the companies have scored “Excellent” or “Good” from their clients. This enthusiasm, ease and pleasure to do business with that company is of course an indicator that explains the ability to increase profits. These surveys show also that the worst customer experience is delivered by telecommunication companies. Together with banks, Internet service providers, credit card providers and health insurance providers, those companies have the biggest gap between client expectations and services delivered. Think positive: this can be viewed as a huge business opportunity.

Omnichannel Customer Service

This is where Omnichannel Help Desk comes in to play.

Delivering a good customer experience is hard, especially in this increasingly complex world, full of trends and technologies.  next4biz helps your business keep updated without impacting its limited resources. We are the key to assisting customers while dealing with complex products and services and technologies.

Nowadays, personnel performance indexes are showing the difficulty to resolve client’s issues at first call, because customers expect to be able to interact with call centers using all the communication channels and, mostly, receive immediate feedback from them.

It is important to underline that with new media every business has one-to-many relationship; complaints and issue are publicly available on those media, as well as the company response. Since new clients are deeply using the Internet to get information about the product they are going to buy, the quality (and the speed) of the company feedbacks plays an important role.

Market leaders take advantage of the possibility to be in touch with their customers and, consequently, give them a faster resolution to their problems. Those companies know that missing a complaint on the web or delivering a feedback too late is undermining their credibility and further, their business. next4biz can be the solution of those problems; try the trial version to have an overview of the features available at In next4biz we know that the Omnichannel Contact Center concept requires a big effort among IT Department, Sales and Marketing: our cloud services can limit the impact of investments on hardware (purchasing, upgrading and maintenance) while reusing your experiences and processes. As an example, Omnichannel Help Desk for a bank means dealing with consumers that are researching mortgage offers online, discuss them over a video chat with experts from a local branch and set up automated periodic payments using their mobile banking application.

Those clients are using new media also for submitting issues about your products or service; that’s why next4biz will help your business with the following features:

  • Awareness: by giving your customers the possibility to contact you in every way and, by reverse, receiving feedback from every communication channel.
  • Seamless: The integration on the various platforms allows your employee to interact with your client using different technologies. In next4biz it is possible, for example, to submit an issue on a webpage, receiving or adding details on Facebook/Twitter and being contacted by telephone for the resolution of the problem.
  • Reporting and data: This integration layer provided by next4biz is based on the creation of a sophisticated consumer profile which extends the traditional siloed organization. Many different services can complete the integration of next4biz with your existing applications.


next4biz offers a variety of plugins that allow your Contact Center to be omnipresent and fully integrated. With next4biz true Omnichannel Customer Communication will be achieved. Our application can receive and track complaints from Facebook, Twitter, Chat and Email channels; in such a way we will help your business increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction.


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