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Track the digital behavior of corporate and individual customers

Monitor various aspects of digital customer behavior:

  • Website visit patterns,
  • Viewed content,
  • E-mails,
  • Clicked links,
  • Viewed offers,
  • Subscribed newsletters,
  • Completed web forms and much more!

Analyze digital behavior

Query and analyze behavioral data to understand customer actions:

The identity of website viewers and email readers,

Customers returning to the website after a long break,

The number of visits leading to meetings,

The number and identity of visitors that became customers,

Popularity or attractiveness of different elements of content,

A/B test results, click and read statistics, and much more.

Tag business rules for digital behavior

Automatically act on or respond to analyzed customer behavior. Create business rules to determine the actions to be taken and automatically tag them.

Consider these examples of automated response customer behavior:

  • When an offer is read, post a notification to the relevant sales team
  • When website content is viewed, post a meeting invitation to the viewer
  • When a sent email is read or a link clicked, tag the reader
  • When a website form is filled-in, send content to the applicant

Leverage digital behavior to determine campaign target audiences

Integrate digital behavior (clicked links, read emails, viewed websites, completed surveys and others) and tags into campaign filters.

Utilize filters in determining target audiences for your marketing and sales campaigns.

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