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End-to-End Complaint Management with Workflows

Follow up all units, suppliers and business partners, measure performance and report end-to-end in complaint management with workflows.

Categorization in complaint management

Categorize issues with artificial intelligence, and manage end-to-end with custom forms and workflows for each category.

Design custom forms for each complaint category

Gather all the necessary information in accordance with each complaint category through the call center or self-service

Track issues end-to-end across all units and partners with workflows

Assign and track category-specific workflows to the relevant units and business partners in the desired order.

What’s causing the delay concerning the issue?
Who is responsible for the delay?
What was the root cause?
Track all with SLA management

Delay management based on issue category:
Who is responsible if a delay occurs?
If a delay continues despite a deadline extension, who will handle the issue?

Measure, report and analyze every step of the customer service process

Continuously improving customer service by implementing radical solutions to complaints.

Tracking issues from any channel at any time with automated notification messages

Keep your customers and staff up-to-date with automated messages across every channel.

No Code No Cry!

Design forms, workflows and business rules yourself without IT dependency. Boost your agility.

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