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Five Fundamental Problems and a New Paradigm in Customer Service

next4biz develops a new paradigm in customer service management Today, we know that the best way to acquire new customers is to strengthen relationships with current customers and to continuously improve the customer experience.

The pandemic clearly revealed that customers now prefer to interact with brands through digital channels. The potential buyers (i.e., customers) of our era are effectively netizens.

WHY did next4biz develop a new paradigm in customer service management? We’re currently seeing five critical barriers to customer experience management in most companies:

  1. Customers’ brand communication method preference comes before the brands themselves. Customers do not want to simply communicate; they want to be involved in a digital interaction. The key to omnichannel communication is integration and simultaneity… and few companies can actually provide this because it is both onerous and costly.
  2. Tracking the issues (demands, complaints, suggestions, etc.) submitted by customers across all channels is complicated. Customer issue monitoring has become a task of its own. The most common solution to this problem is to hand over the tracking responsibility to the continuously growing customer service unit; however, this can cause corporate or organizational conflict, result in misplaced issues as they are forwarded continuously, and eventually prompt even more customer complaints.
  3. Lack of service calibration. The manner in which personnel assigned across different levels of service units perform their job impacts customer satisfaction. Service standardization according to service type is still an elusive dream for most companies. Often, the services provided by Ahmet are not equal to those of Ayşe – and in fact, Ahmet’s job performance in the morning is not the same as in the afternoon. Calibration differences between channels is almost normalized in many cases.
  4. Lack of efficiency. We can categorize efficiency problems as follows: those that occur due to the increasing number of customers and further layers of interaction; those in service management processes; and those caused by insufficient technology investments in this area.
  5. The chaos that is the reporting of service processes and their outcomes. Either the data is too complex, making it difficult to draw significant outcomes, or technically speaking, data is scattered across different applications, making it difficult to both see the bigger picture and focus on smaller details.
The next4biz technology, which is the culmination of our 20 years of R&D, aims to find solutions to these five main problems.

So, HOW does next4biz resolve these problems?

TRUE OMNICHANNEL EXPERIENCE: We provide an integrated and synchronized interaction management solution that offers a true omnichannel experience to resolve communication problems. To this end, next4biz integrates all existing and potential communication channels and enables extensions to most preferred channels. The best example here is the self-service portal, which eliminates the need for customers of next4biz to dial the call centers to submit their issues.

CUSTOMER SELF-SERVICE: The self-service portal extracts the customer experience from call centers to the web, allowing customers to submit and track their own issues in categories online. It also offers Level 1 solutions to customers through the search engine, customized with a knowledge base.

CATEGORICAL WORKFLOWS: We introduce a radical solution to monitoring with the categorical workflow creation feature in the next4biz infrastructure.

ESCALATION MANAGEMENT: We develop tools to manage delays in customer issues and design a corporate escalation chain where individual service level targets can be assigned for each category and stage to enable the system to automatically pursue these service level targets.

AGENT SCRIPTS: We include the agent scripting feature, most often integrated in call centers, in our CRM layer to solve calibration issues. We’ve created the ideal design solution that will help you individually insert customer dialogue questions for each category into the CRM user screens and create explanations that dynamically adapt to customer responses, all without a single line of coding.

POWERED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Artificial intelligence provides another solution to agent calibration issues. The AI module understands customer issues and achieves a higher percentage of accurate categorization than humans.

NO CODE DESIGN INTERFACE: We observed that the greatest efficiency problem stems from the private consultancy costs to adapt and customize the software to the company, which are often as high as the investment in the software license itself. That is why next4biz incorporates a very simplistic web interface that is designed for use throughout the customization process. All customers carry out that process themselves.

HUMAN-FREE SOLUTION: Another efficiency issue is once again resolved thanks to artificial intelligence. The design, based on machine learning, enables companies using next4biz to resolve and close customer issues without any human intervention at all. The application of this method in the finance industry has yielded great results.

EASY INTEGRATION: Speaking of efficiency, let’s not forget the integration layer of next4biz. Today, many companies are managing all of their activities on a single screen thanks to next4biz. These companies have dubbed next4biz “one screen.”

READY-TO-USE DASHBOARD AND REPORTS: next4biz has developed dashboards displaying the most-used customer service performance criteria to resolve monitoring and analysis problems. The operational reports layer, which enables root cause analysis, allows for more in-depth examination of issues.
Through these tools and features, next4biz has developed a new paradigm in customer experience management.

Gürkan Platin
Gürkan Platin, a graduate of Hacettepe University Management and Organization, worked as a manager in various positions at Mensan, Citibank, Garanti Bank and Credit Registration Bureau, respectively. Platin has been blogging since 1996 and his articles are published in various national and international publications.
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