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Measure everything to identify lasting solutions

  • Assess customer satisfaction levels.
  • Conduct surveys on all channels.
  • Analyze root causes to develop effective and lasting solutions.
  • Evaluate performance based on issue type, supplier, department, and individual.

Create custom reports

Generate custom reports to run in next4biz CSM or for integration with enterprise reporting tools.

Take advantage of end-to-end issue management

Utilize data collected by next4biz CSM for comprehensive reports.

Measure stakeholder performance

Evaluate the performance of departments, suppliers, business partners, delivery companies and other stakeholders.

Identify issues causing delays and their reasons.

Identify persistently delayed issues.

Analyze variations by seasons and regions.

Measure to manage

Focus on continuous improvement for conclusive issue resolution.

Measure, improve and learn to develop conclusive solutions to customer issues.

Make a difference with continuous customer service improvement.

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