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Define departments, users, user groups, roles and authorizations

Define directly or batch upload your organizational chart, user roles, users, user groups and user authorizations with next4biz BPM.

Integrate as necessary with LDAP and HR applications.

Involve all stakeholders

Don’t be limited to formal organizational hierarchies for process flows.

Define suppliers, business partners, dealers, service providers, shipping companies, and other stakeholders as user groups.

Ensure no stakeholder or organizational component is left out of your process digitalization initiatives.

Authorize data access

Manage authorizations of users and/or user group access to data fields.

Relate authorization to the status of records, process flow events, user group membership and other factors.

Ensure users only view and act on data permitted by their authorization.

Specify routing rules

Specify how processing is routed from one process step to the next.

Define static rules (such as “dispatch to the supervisor of the user who created the record”) or predicate routing on the occurrence of events, values, or user/user group-specific business rules.

Utilize task lists

Use next4biz BPM task lists from where users can initiate processes or take task assignments to be completed in predefined timeframes.

Unleash the power of accessing next4biz BPM with the same authorizations from all devices and locations, whether in the workplace or in the field.

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