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Signature of Customer-Oriented Digital Transformation: Yataş

Here is our interview with Okan Bandırma, Customer Relations Director of Yataş, which switched to the integrated next4biz platform last year.


Mr. Bandırma, Yataş is rapidly advancing towards becoming a global brand with its 50 years of experience and exports to 50 countries. Can you talk about the customer-oriented vision that has led to this success?

Adopting customer satisfaction as its core principle, Yataş has embraced the mission of offering high-quality products to its customers, implementing the latest innovations in its products by following emerging global trends, and establishing long-term relationships with customers by offering them an excellent experience.

So, what were the turning points of Yataş’s digital transformation journey?

To ensure customer satisfaction, we introduced all our business units to next4biz. We now manage all processes with a holistic approach. The turning point was our transition to the next4biz system. In the past, we managed customer processes through email, but now we can report on and monitor these processes, provide quicker and higher-quality service, and produce successful business results. With this transition, we were also able to identify potential areas of improvement in our customer relations processes. We have increased our awareness of this issue across the company. Now we can prioritize our customers and their requests more efficiently and respond to their requests more quickly.
Before next4biz, what kind of technological solutions did Yataş use to manage sales, marketing, and customer service processes?

Yataş has always taken care to use the best technological platforms in the field. We have started to monitor, measure, and manage processes more effectively by integrating our entire structure with next4biz.

What were the reasons behind Yataş’s choice to start using next4biz’s integrated CRM-CSM and BPM platform in sales, marketing, and customer service?

The technological infrastructure of next4biz has allowed us to manage all our business processes under one roof. In doing so, offers a faster and more efficient solution to our customers’ requests and demands.

What was the process like after deciding on next4biz? How was the transition period?

After many long meetings and workshops, we designed the most effective processes and workflow models for our company thanks to the next4biz team’s experience and solution-oriented approach. Our goal was to establish a system that is error-free and easy to use. The transition was easier than we expected. The next4biz team was very knowledgeable and experienced, and they created immense value and produced the best solution for Yataş Group. At our regular meetings, which lasted almost a year, we made requests and resolved issues. We also received support in training our employees on the platform across the company. Everyone was able to understand the system with relative ease. Within a few months, even our solution partners started using the system.

We have also made our own tweaks, so there were no dictated standards. And with the version transitions by next4biz, we have gained a solution partner who remains one step ahead and who genuinely considers our needs.

What changed at Yataş after next4biz? Is there anything you can now do that you previously couldn’t?

The first and most important change we made with next4biz was starting to properly measure our processes. We have begun managing our customers’ requests and demands in a fast and solution-oriented manner by including all business units in the process.

We have launched new reports, started monitoring all customer processes from top to bottom, set new targets based on the outputs of customer processes, and started sharing our new metrics with the company. We now incorporate customer feedback into each process. Customer experience comes first.

Can you talk about some of the results Yataş has achieved that will inspire the industry, especially in terms of customer service management?

We have developed solution-oriented strategies by reducing our complaint resolution time and including all departments in the process. We broke new ground in the furniture industry by winning two ACE Awards in the same year. This was arguably the best result of this process.

What tips would you give other organizations that are looking to undergo digital transformation journeys? What should they consider when investing in technology?

  • They should know that it won’t happen overnight and that it requires a change of culture.
  • Senior management should support the process, and all business departments should be involved.
  • They should build a customer-centric culture and start from areas where they will be able to create value.

How did Yataş’s early digital transformation benefit the company during the pandemic? What was your experience in this period?

We emerged from the pandemic with our employees working from home. We have taken full advantage of the available technological opportunities, and next4biz’s interfaces and technology enabled us to quickly adapt during this period.

What are Yataş’s goals in utilizing technology? What’s next for the company?

We want to experience different artificial intelligence applications while keeping up with technological trends, and to follow our customers in digital environments by creating alternative communication channels.
Gürkan Platin
Gürkan Platin, a graduate of Hacettepe University Management and Organization, worked as a manager in various positions at Mensan, Citibank, Garanti Bank and Credit Registration Bureau, respectively. Platin has been blogging since 1996 and his articles are published in various national and international publications.
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