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Vigo Success Story

Vigo has been using Next4biz BPM since Q2 2021 to streamline courier recruitment and management. This change improved efficiency and organization for over 6,000 couriers. Next4biz's flexibility and workflow management have been crucial. Vigo continues to digitalize, planning to enhance the courier onboarding process further.



When did Vigo start using Next4biz BPM?

We have been using Next4biz BPM for three years, starting from the second quarter of 2021. Initially, there was a short gap, but aside from that, we have been using it since its implementation.

Why did the organization start looking for a BPM solution?

Previously, we were managing the recruitment processes of couriers through different tables and emails. In fact, there is a process that we need to manage in the entire life cycle of couriers, from recruitment to dismissal. Here the courier has different situations. There are processes such as recruitment, equipment training, on-the-job training and equipment delivery. We are talking about 6000 people, it is very difficult to manage such a large community. There may be human-caused forgetting here. We needed a workflow for this. We wanted to use it to eliminate human errors.

What were the reasons for choosing Next4biz at that time?

Next4biz offered a well-designed solution. They presented the program to us effectively. The flexibility of the program is also important. We might need to add new processes to our business workflows. The flexibility to make these changes within our organization was a key factor in our decision. Things are constantly being added or removed, and we can handle these changes internally without needing external help.

How was the adaptation and integration period?

The process started by grouping the company’s internal mechanisms. We clarified the organizational structure. Then, the stages a courier would go through were identified. The data fields to be used for these stages and where user requirements would be enforced were determined. This entire process was designed and delivered to us, including the final reports.
Initially, no integration was done. Later, integration was made with our website and the Vigo App. There is integration related to the automatic creation of records for courier applications.

What kind of organization is responsible for process design and management in the institution now?

When there is any problem in the workflow, the business development department is primarily consulted. We provide support in areas where we can be involved. For areas we cannot intervene in, we open a ticket with Next4biz. Typically, we reach out to you for specialized situations within the workflow that need to be managed by scripts. We even designed a new workflow in the company, and as mentioned by Ms. Esin, we are having some difficulty transitioning users to this new workflow. However, those who have adapted to the courier management system’s workflow find it very convenient; it has made their lives much easier. They can pull reports themselves, follow who they can schedule shifts for, and who they can provide equipment to in real time. We can also monitor how many couriers we have, and their status, and make future projections from the Dashboards. We are also trying to persuade the customer side to bring customer records and customer flow into this system.

How do you use Next4biz BPM in your courier processes?

During a courier’s application process, the courier is opened as a candidate status. We start processing these applications according to our needs. From on-the-job training to the document collection process for hiring, and the equipment handover process, we need the support of many different departments, and each department needs to have an escalation time. By adhering to these times, we aim to facilitate the on-the-job training processes by quickly bringing the courier on board. We also keep the data of our couriers within this system.

What has changed in your organization after using Next4biz? What value has it added?

Speed and organization. You can imagine the complexity that arises when data is kept in different environments. This is completely avoided. You can access all your reports through a single platform. The organization part is here. The speed part is that all units can perform their duties timely and accurately. This prevents delays.

What are Vigo’s plans for digitalization?

Initially, we want to move to the onboarding process. A platform where the courier can register themselves and upload their documents. Currently, much courier data flows in from the website, but in the next stage, our software team is working on a project where they can also upload their documents. When this system is implemented, integration with Next4biz is planned.

Gürkan Platin
Gürkan Platin, a graduate of Hacettepe University Management and Organization, worked as a manager in various positions at Mensan, Citibank, Garanti Bank and Credit Registration Bureau, respectively. Platin has been blogging since 1996 and his articles are published in various national and international publications.
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