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Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Categorizes issues;
Resolves, responds to and concludes issues;
Or assigns the tasks to the relevant workflow units.

Enhance customer service with artificial intelligence

Next4biz artificial intelligence categorizes issues and assigns tasks automatically. You no longer need a back-office for categorization. It even resolves and concludes issues autonomously.

AI-supported customer service across every communication channel

Automatically suggests categories to call center agents, categorizes issues submitted by email and self-service, and initiates due process.

AI learning from user experience

AI keeps getting more accurate the more you use it and even surpasses humans in determining categories. The accuracy rate in the busiest 20 categories exceeds 95 percent. The software independently resolves and finalizes approximately 20 percent of issues using the knowledge base.

3 Functions of AI

  • Suggests categories for customer service,
  • Goes beyond suggesting and takes initiative with business rules,
  • And even resolves and concludes certain issues independently.

Training with pre-Next4biz data

Before you make the transition to Next4biz, we can train the AI with your issue data.

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