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Do you focus more on reasons or consequences?

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”
Bernard Shaw

Do you focus more on reasons or consequences?

Imagine the day you became a parent, or if you are not already a parent, the day you may become one.

Do you wait until the birth of your child, which represents the most valuable asset in your life, to be able to ensure its healthy development? Or would you rather regularly control and manage all stages from the very first moments of the pregnancy? The answer is obvious enough.

What if we asked you the same question about your customers? The most valuable asset of your company? The answer will be as obvious as in your child’s case. Do you develop your customer relations only if they are “customers”? Or do you consciously manage them from the point when you realize they are “potential” customers?
The answer to this question tends to fall into one of two camps: customers we need and the customers we have.

Every customer is an opportunity. And opportunities are not expected, but rather they are created.

In the business world, which is becoming more and more complicated, the business of slower companies is getting harder and harder.

Customers are now more valuable than ever, but their expectations are also increasing. They expect to be acknowledged, expect you to understand their demands fully. They also want to ensure that you can meet their needs and expectations.

If you wait for prospects to become a customer, this means that you will miss out on many important opportunities. One of the foremost problems across modern-day companies is that they cannot get enough business with quality customers or they are losing them to competitors. Therefore, companies are struggling to achieve their targets or maintain sales stability. If you do not have sufficient quality customers, then your production quality will be nowhere near your desired level. In order to overcome these problems, you must start at the very beginning of the process, before they even become your customers. In other words, you must be able to manage all of your “potential customers” together with an integrated perspective and convincing strategy.

The situation is not good at all, so this is a great opportunity!!

Research shows that 80% of potential sale opportunities have never been adequately followed up on. 65% of B2B marketers highlight that there is no conscious follow-up period or development plan for their potential customers. In fact, it showed that only 23% of companies say that sales and marketing teams have strong cooperation. By doing the same thing all the time, we can’t expect anything different. According to the same research reports, potential customer management activities increase sales opportunities by 20% regularly and increase revenue by 10% between 6-9 months. Companies that show consistency and success on this subject are able to increase their ready-to-sell potential by 55%, with a 33% lower cost. Given that within this environment not everyone is perfect, there is a crucial opportunity for fast and agile companies.

Manage your leads so that you gain quality customers.

If certain concepts become very popular in a short amount of time, there is obviously a great need. Lead management (candidate/potential customer management) without a doubt is one of today’s most popular concepts. The most basic steps involved in this concept are: identifying the target audience, segmenting, creating, establishing the sales funnel process, communicating with the right people within this process and appropriate sales strategies, promotion and providing regular campaign management, and being able to follow these steps carefully.  And for this, it is essential to have the appropriate human resources, business processes, and technology (software).

It is possible with next4biz CRM to have integrated and complete potential customer management. When looking at the technological side of the business, next4biz CRM is an integrated and flexible CRM software which can integrate with all of your company’s employees and all your systems. It can also meet all of your demands whether it be from potential customers or existing customers.

Next4biz CRM platform provides:

  • Tagging customers according to their digital traces on your website, emails—in short, through every type of digital touch point they experience.
  • Dynamic customer segmentation according to traditional attributes and digital behaviors.
  • Designing campaigns based on both physical and digital attributes of the target groups.
  • Planning and tracking sales activities.
  • End to end customer service with next4biz CSM.

In addition, it is also possible to use next4biz CRM as a project management tool for all of your company strategies and objectives. Through the powerful dashboard and reporting features, you can easily establish all of the processes related to your project, identify the necessary workforce through time targets as well as clearly follow them. Without a doubt, companies that work with a CSM system which can be managed end-to-end will give you a dynamism that can provide a strong and valuable difference to the relationships with your customers within your company. As an example, next4biz CSM’s customers can manage their demands, campaigns, projects, and processes in a CRM system that can also manage all processes.

Do not wait for market opportunities to find you. Let us help you to reach all of your opportunities.


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