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Next Generation CRM

Deduplicated and Consolidated Customer Database

Integrate all customer-related data (ERP, retailing,
e-commerce, service applications, other CRMs, spreadsheets, website forms, etc.) into next4biz.

Marketing & Sales

Track Your Customer’s Digital Behavior

Instantly track your customer’s visited pages, seen content, read emails, clicked links or displayed offers.

Marketing & Sales

Event- & Rule-Based Marketing & Sales Automation

Choose which actions your CRM takes when and for whom upon a trigger. Set up rules and let next4biz CRM run things smoothly.

Marketing & Sales

GDPR, CCPA, KVKK Compliant,
IYS Compatible CRM & BPM

next4biz is completely aligned with GDPR, CCPA and KVKK regulations.

Through data centers in the EU, US and Turkey, personal data is stored and processed in the privacy region of your country.


Artificial Intelligence Supported Customer Service

Omnichannel Customer Service

Recognize the customers in every channel and monitor all channels like a single, unified channel.

Customer Service

Customer Service Software

Design forms and workflows for customer issues that cannot be solved at the call center, monitor the solution process and report as necessary.

Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Resolves 10% of the issues and redirects the rest to the relevant units with 90% accuracy.

Customer Service
Reduce IT Dependency with Next4biz CRM & BPM

Reduce IT Dependency with
Next4biz CRM & BPM

As IT dependency increases, agility decreases. With next4biz, you can design your CRM and BPM processes, interfaces, and even data structures yourself without writing a single line of code.

“No code, no cry!”


Process Operating System

Process Design

Design your corporate business processes and process components without coding.

Business Process

As-Is = To-Be

As in all other areas, change is an inevitable part of process management. Redesign your needs on one platform and start using it right away.

Business Process

Expand Your Processes with Integrations

Include your outside sources in your processes by two-way integration with the BPM.

Business Process

Success stories

ING Bank Logo

ING BankBanking

“We strive to provide uninterrupted service to our customers by integrating our customer-oriented and fast service approach in complaints management with next4biz processes. Our industry and process innovations allow us to make a difference through our customer-oriented approach and our quick resolution of customer complaints. The feedback we receive from our customers is critical. It enables us to better analyze our areas of improvement and work on them with attention to every detail. Measuring and managing customer feedback is one of the key competencies offered by next4biz.”

Bosch Logo


“Bosch Thermotechnology’s primary strategy involves a focus on customers. We attended an important strategy meeting that is held in Germany every year with the attendance of after-sales directors from 50 countries and introduced next4biz with our own trademark of Bosch Focus. The Bosch Focus project was deemed the “best project and exemplary platform.” After seeing the satisfactory performance of next4biz with our Buderus brand, we started using the same system with Bosch Thermotechnology. We told 50 countries about the advantages and functionality of next4biz. At Bosch Thermotechnology Turkey, we are responsible for operations in 17 countries. We will start introducing this platform to all our customers and after-sales services in these 17 countries in June.”

KIA Logo


"Kia Turkey has recently implemented next4biz CRM in their digital marketing and sales activities. Following this decision, Mr. Sancak attended the next4biz adaptation and design training in person. Now, he is adapting next4biz to his organization for all sales and marketing activities without requiring any technical support and strengthens the organization’s bond with its customers every day by organizing campaigns based on micro segmentation in next4biz CRM."

MACFit Logo

Mars AthleticSports and Healthcare

"The pandemic, which has radically transformed the way we do business all over the world, has also caused businesses to change their digitalization strategies. This effect was experienced more intensely in the food-beverage, health and sports industries, which suffered the worst consequences of the pandemic in our country. MACFit, which set out to strengthen and protect the bond it has established with its members during the pandemic, shared its discoveries along this transformation journey and its secret to success in our What’s Next? webinar with the attendance of Mars Sportif Member Relations and Services Manager Yasin Yıldız and Mars Sportif Deputy Chief Technology Officer Serhat Göktepe."

Kuveyt Türk Logo

Kuveyt TürkBanking

“We are thrilled to have achieved yet another first in the industry on our 30th anniversary. The focus of Kuveyt Türk’s innovative approach and technology investments is to boost our employee and customer satisfaction. From our physical branches to our digital efforts, we are organizing all our services to serve this end. With our AI-powered Customer Complaint Management system, we can now classify the questions and requests from our customers with artificial intelligence. This enables us to respond to our customers much faster. Although we only recently commissioned this AI-powered system, we are already seeing its benefits as our customers’ problems are resolved much faster.”

Sahibinden Logo


"Social media is the most powerful communication platform today. You can use this power to deliver messages that have the power to create social and political movements. This new media can cause you to grow or disappear at a rapid pace. To that end, the corporate communication principles of today’s businesses include a strong presence in these channels and the correct and continuous monitoring and evaluation of everything said online. Thanks to next4biz, stays in sync with social media and instantly incorporates and evaluates the issues received in its internal processes."

Anadolu Sigorta Logo

Anadolu SigortaInsurance

"Having used the next4biz technology for a long time, particularly in after-sales services, Anadolu Sigorta has positioned next4biz CRM at the center of interaction with all its stakeholders to manage all kinds of demands and complaints from customers. This enabled the seamless and end-to-end management of customer issues with defined corporate processes and service level commitments for all elements related to customer issues inside and outside the organization."

Adore Mobilya Logo


“People’s positive experiences with next4biz, especially in e-commerce, were the biggest factor for us at Adore in choosing its solutions. Another factor was next4biz’s cloud system, which facilitated the transition to the remote working model used during the pandemic and created the opportunity to monitor all work 24/7. We also appreciated its no-code architecture, its process-based system feature, its combination of all communication channels, and its full integration with other business management systems, such as ERP and e-commerce platforms. Additionally, Ms. Büşra’s and Ms. Tuğçe’s familiarity with next4biz from their past experiences played a key role. These two managers switched companies, but their preference for next4biz remained.”

What Else is There?

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