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Omnichannel Communication

Recognize customers across all communication channels. Monitor the multiplicity of communication channels as a single channel. Build trust with your customers at every interaction.

Omnichannel Communication
It detects messages sent to customer service email addresses, recognizes customers from the sender's address, and automatically converts them into notifications with attachments.
When integrated into internet banking, online transactions, and e-commerce applications, it recognizes the customer, enables them to enter new notifications or track existing ones. It assists customers in finding solutions to their problems through its knowledgebase.
When a message is received on your WhatsApp Business line, it recognizes the customer from their mobile number, notifies you of notifications from other channels, allows you to respond, and can convert the conversation into a notification.
Converts conversations about you on complaint sites into automatic notifications and, if desired, writes your responses to the relevant complaint site.
Integrated with e-commerce applications, it recognizes the customer, collects their notifications, or informs them about existing notifications. It reduces the rate of customers calling while they are using your e-business application.
With CTI integration, it recognizes the customer while the phone is ringing, transfers notifications from other channels, and customer-specific information to the agent's screen.
Recognizes the customer, validates information with other channels' notifications, informs both the customer and live agents, and records new notifications.

Integrate with call center applications

Integrate next4biz CSM with your call center apps for customer recognition during incoming calls.

Automatically deliver customer scorecard information and customer issue records from all channels to your agents' terminals.

Auto-convert customer emails to issue records

Listen to email communication.

Automatically convert customer emails into issue records and recognize the customer from the content and attachments.

Provide social media integrated customer service

Integrate with all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, DM, My Business, App Store, PlayStore and Google Searches.

Provide live chat and chatbot integrated customer service

Listen to live chat and chatbots.

Automatically generate issues and supplement with customer data.

Integrate WhatsApp Business with customer service

Recognize customers from WhatsApp messages. Route all customer communication to call-center agents.

Integrate customer service with complaint sites

Automatically create issues in response to the posting of complaints regarding your products and services on complaint sites.

Respond to customers through the same complaint sites.

Provide self-service access to online customer service

Enable self-service for websites, e-commerce applications, customer portals and internet banking platforms.

Allow customers to create and track issues independently.

Add custom communication channels

Add custom communication channels specific to your organization's needs.

Utilize next4biz integration services to add additional custom IoT, on-vehicle and in-house channels, to your CSM solution.

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