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For Which Capabilities Did Our Customers Prefer Next4biz?

With Next4biz CRM, we resolve all types of customer issues in a systematic manner, coordinating field and production teams. While serving millions of customers of 300 brands, thanks to Next4biz, we were able to collect requests from all kinds of communication channels, from websites to social media accounts, and communicate them to the relevant units of 34 companies, where we followed these requests end-to-end and managed them perfectly. Read More
Ali Sevinç
Customer Contact Center Senior Manager

We chose Next4biz because of its flexible structure that can be shaped to meet user requirements, convenience of operation with no code, its integration management and simple integration with various shipping providers, and the fact that it offers an "ALL in ONE," that is centralized, operating structure. While we currently take assistance from the Next4biz team when required, mostly we design and implement all marketing activities ourselves. Read More
Savaş Sancak
CRM Manager

We started working with Next4biz because it is a system that allows us to manage data from all communication channels on a single platform. By integrating Next4biz with our existing store management system, we are now able to track all aspects of customer interaction. Furthermore, managing all types of customer demands on a single screen has reduced our costs while increasing our efficiency.
Gökhan Paçalı
Customer Service Manager

For us, Next4biz means; 1. Flexibility of integration 2. Comfort of use 3. Ease of no-code adaptation without the need for software development 4. Full compliance with international standards such as ISO 10002 that are focused on customer satisfaction
Barış İnan
Marketing and Customer Management Digital Channels Executive

Next4biz's experience, particularly in the field of e-commerce, the fact that it is a process-based system, and that it provides the ability to manage marketing, sales, and after-sales services as a whole were our primary reasons for preference. Read More
Büşra Dalgıç Korkmaz
CRM Manager

We chose Next4biz to deliver our members a true omni channel experience and to serve them in a holistic manner across all communication channels. Next4biz was the most important tool we used to boost our members' trust in us. Read More
Serhat Göktepe
Chief Technology Officer

Adopting customer satisfaction as its fundamental principle, Yataş has succeeded in providing quality products to its customers while also following global fashion and the latest trends in its field, reflecting the latest innovations on its products, and establishing long-term relationships with its customers by providing the best service to them thanks to Next4biz. Read More
Okan Bandırma
Director Of Customer Relations
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